Friday Finds: Bertie

Bertie is my most trusted brand for footwear. I know that is a lofty statement, but I sincerely believe in these shoes. I discovered the brand several years ago while casually roaming London department stores. While my DV oxfords started looking shabby after a few months, my pair of tan suede Bertie pair has lasted years. They have been re-soled at least three times now, and travel everywhere with me from Stockholm to Hawaii.

Most importantly, Berties always fulfill my four essential qualities that I asses before making any shoe purchase: 1. quality, 2. look, 3. comfort and 4. versatility. The company draws inspiration from fashion-forward street styles and youth internationally. Bertie has become my go-to when it comes to footwear trend spotting since many trends tend to hit the US a little later.

Right now they have an excellent collection of oxford, booties and flats.

Pendy studded toe cap leather ankle boot:


Lunda soft leather lace up brogue:


Lafalia chunky sole lace up brogue:


Lacanda metal toe cap leather loafer:


Lando Aztec print slipper:


Lady 2 eye lace up desert boot:BertieBootie

Have you fallen in love yet? Don’t worry, Bertie will deliver to the US, and can occasionally be found at Topshop.