Midweek Music: Sleigh Bells

Alexis Krauss is on my list of Seriously Cool People. While writing this post, I can’t help but size myself up to the lead singer of the hotest band right now – Sleigh Bells.  I mean, I must be nearing a semblance of Krauss’ coolness… right? We both have bangs. My leather studded oxfords are kind of hip. I own black skinny jeans. I wore fire red lipstick one night when I was feeling brave. Then I remember that I’m in a local coffee shop way too early, cocooned in preppy Madewell sweater and matching scarf, meanwhile she’s probably still sleeping for another few hours, exhausted after a night of flickering in and out of Brooklyn’s underground no-name celeb bars wearing her studded leather jacket. And as we strive to make the denim vest wearable (and I think we do a damn good job), she rocks it on the regular. Like it’s no big thing. OKAY.

Alexis Krauss

You win this round, Alexis.

This funky duo didn’t waste any time making it big on the music scene since their first EP released in 2009. I was personally hooked after seeing them open for Yeasayer at The Paradise Rock Club in 2010. They are even more captivating and electric live than recorded. And it seems like everyone else is pretty star struck by their edgy indie-rock sound as well.

Sleigh Bells has even been deemed worthy to be the trailer song for Sofia Coppola’s upcoming movie The Bling Ring, where you can see Emma Watson seductively licking her lips. Clearly a must see of 2013. And the soundtrack is no doubt trying to rival The Great Gatsby for soundtrack of the year. Sleigh Bells was chosen among a slew of top artists, including Azealia Banks, Kanye West, Phoenix, and Frank Ocean.

Alexis also flaunts her coolness through her well put together urban wardrobe. Although she does branch out, her look can be broken down into something fairly formulaic. That magic seven part formula looks something like this:

Dark sunglasses (typically Ray-Bans) + leather (in the form of leggings, shorts, jackets, accessories, or basically anything)  + jean (jackets, cut-offs or both) + loads of bling (giant hoop earrings, stacked bracelets, RINGS RINGS RINGS) + red lips + rocker hair + tattoos (optional) + layered tanks (to show-off said tattoos) = SUCCESS and COOLNESS.

Now it’s time for some examples, proving my equitation to be true and accurate (1. Dark glasses 2. Leather 3. Jean 4. Bling 5. Red lipstick 6. Fantastic hair 7. Tanks).

Alexis Krauss

Leather + tanks + tattoos + fantastic hair + bling

Alexis Krauss

Dark glasses + leather (jacket and pants!) + tank + bling + fantastic hair

Alexis Krauss

Jean + tanks + bling + fantastic hair + red lips

Alexis Krauss

Dark glasses + fantastic hair + red lips + leather + bling

Alexis Krauss

Fantastic hair (!) + tanks + bling + leather bracelets + jean + red lips

It appears that five of the elements are essential to achieve The Alexis. Just wait corporate office, you’re in for some fun outfits next week. Let’s hope my boss if out of town…. Or maybe I’ll save this outfit for the weekend. Safer choice.