Monthly Archive: June, 2013

Friday Finds: CAbi

We’ve talked about my online shopping addiction at length, and while I can sometimes resist walking into a store, that’s never boded well too well for my wallet either. It only makes sense… Continue reading

Colour Blocking Nailistas

By: Ari Fund of The Glittery Yup, you read that right. Today we are coloUr blocking our nails. It’s time to put our fancy pants on girlz. But don’t worry; unlike trying to get… Continue reading

Midweek Music: Jessie Ware

I’m feminine, but I really do try to avoid those obnoxious girl tenancies that I can recognize (i.e. shoes in a circle, screaming OMG!!!!! so everyone in the room knows that your table… Continue reading

Trend Tuesday: A Very J. Crew TT

I feel like since I started this blog, the months go by so fast. I honestly can’t believe it’s time to pack up another trend – and one I actually LIKE. While I… Continue reading

Hiding Your Summer Frizz

Summa summa summa time. I was SO excited when I stepped out of my apartment this morning and felt instantly hot. There’s nothing I love more than the heat (I only say this… Continue reading

Friday Finds: Linda Farrow Sunglasses

Guess what? Yes, Kim Kardashian named her baby North West, but that’s not what I’m talking about (although … really?). It’s the first day of summer!! Although we never really had a spring… Continue reading

Wedding Season: The Guest Dress Code

It’s wedding season! If Wedding Crashers taught me anything, it’s what NOT to wear to a weeding. “Tattoo on the lower back? Might as well be a bullseye.” Word to the wise, keep… Continue reading

Midweek Music: Yeezus

Kanye Wests’s latest album, Yeezus, is direct in every sense of the word. For starters, it’s impossible to ignore Yeezus’ declarative ode to Kanye’s own awesomeness. West cooly reminds his audience (or THE WORLD) that he is… Continue reading

Trend Tuesday: Go Go Black And Gold (For Real This Time)

I know, I know, I’m regurgitating old titles. While a part of this is due to laziness, the other part is because, well, the Bruins are in the Stanley Cup (and currently have… Continue reading

The One Hundredth

If this was a sitcom, we’d make it be a recap clip show of all of our most memorable moments. “Friends” was my favorite show to do the 100th episode, because it didn’t… Continue reading