Paris Fashion Week: Chanel

Paris Fashion Week was once again gorgeous, full of vibrancy and sophistication. There were tons of takeaways for spring and summer looks, even is that feel years away as fall is just setting in full force.

Nonetheless, Lagerfeld’s show for Chanel was one my my favorites by far, in concept and execution. His collection was art inspired and edgy – clearly my kind of show. My inner nerd and art school grad has always wanted to be caught as a babe at the museum. That mentality of fashion as art is exactly what Lagerfeld used as inspiration. The models strutted outfits that rich art students going to NYU might wear. Within the Grand Palais in Paris,  Chanel’s Spring and Summer 2014 line was debuted in front of a gallery setting, colorfully full of sculptures and wall art. Several of the pieces were directly Chanel, including a wall rendering of a Chanel No. 5 perfume bottle and a ginormous CC sculpture.  The setting was stunning:

Grand Palais, Paris

Grand Palais, Paris

Furthermore, the show featured modern music by Jay Z. Jay loves his fashion, as we remember from his recent buzz around ‘Tom Ford’ off of his newest album, Magna Carta Holy Grail. ‘Picasso Baby’ was an obvious fit for Lagerfeld. Jay Z is not only a fashion lover, but active in the art community, and has even done live performance exhibits before.

But of course, we are in it for the clothes. Lagerfeld’s art inspiration was overt through the inclusion of large portfolio totes, heels with high slouchy socks (again, think art student savvy), and tons of color in a pattern mimicking brush strokes. Of course he drew from traditional Chanel as well, as there was no lack of tweed and pearls.  But the tweed pieces had more modern cuts and the pearls were a little bit larger than normal. Here’s a preview of the full collection:

Do you think Jay Z was a good fit for the show? What do you think about the latest from Lagerfeld and Chanel?