Trend Tuesday: Things Are Getting X-Rated (Yet Still Suitable For Work)

I came, I asked, you conquered. After asking you all to vote on October’s Trend Tuesday, plaid pants got a bit of the edge. Except these aren’t just normal plaid pants. Oh no. Fun fact: When you online shop, you may see the physical product much differently. Like when Amy and I went to Zara to pick up the plaid pants I saw online.

I was sulking, trying to come up with excuses as to why we should pick the runner-up novelty sweater. Even trying to pick out a different pair of plaid pants (the bagginess concerned me). Before you say “well then you shouldn’t have had the pants as an option,” I was really convinced you all would stay clear of them. Again, I was wrong. After searching all of Zara – which has dedicated roughly 30 percent of its fall line to plaid – I found the pants tucked away in the corner. When I pulled them from the rack – SURPRISE! They’re see-through.

This is what happens when the fashion world actually pays attention to Miley Cyrus. It mass produces see-through pants. I thought we all agreed this wasn’t going to be a thing after lululemon accidentally sent out a batch of see-through yoga pants?

In fairness, this is what the pants look like on the website:


However, if I had just scrolled down to the bottom, I would have seen the photo that gave away “hey, you may be able to see your full ass in these.”


See how the white background can be seen through the pants? As can the pockets? Yup. At first I thought I was being a baby, but then I held them up to Amy and she got this horrified look on her face, like “oh my god – I’m going to have to see Jill’s ass all month.” You all should be terrified. I went to try them on and sure enough all my lady business was exposed. NOT IDEAL. Amy said I could back out of the trend and choose the runner-up instead. My dream was finally coming true. And yet … and yet … dammit if I don’t love a good challenge.

I realized I have a million pairs of leggings I could wear these with, lining the pants as not to show off anything I don’t want shown off. I took the pants home and grabbed a pair of dark leggings. They worked! It looked like I was wearing normal, plaid pants. The downside to the leggings? They’re made of nylon, so the light cotton pants ALWAYS stick to them when I’m sitting down, bunching up until I start walking.

Anyway, once I figured out a solution, I stuck to my guns and wore the pants to school. The slouchiness/dark plaid is a little too punk for my nature – while I always like my clothes to be a bit edgy, these are unlike anything else I own. To counteract the dark nature of the pants, I channeled my inner Blair Waldorf and went completely preppy on the top (and finished the look with Chanel ballet flats, because obvi).


Note that you can see my shirt tucked into said pants.

I also was pretty miserable my brown bag clashed again, but that’s what happens when you buy a neutral color that doesn’t match all neutral colors (that made sense, right? I don’t know, I’m tired). One could argue “maybe you shouldn’t wear gold shoes then, to which I say, “PSH!” I mean, I only wear the backpack during the commute, every other time my outfit looks put together (for the most part).

We ultimately went with this brightly-lit photo to give you a better idea of just exactly how see-through these pants were. I mean, the shirt is tucked in, and while it’s white, it’s visible. This lighting also provides the best coloring for the pants, as they’re very dark, making them difficult to show off in natural light.

Here we go, now you can get a better idea of what my outfit looks like – texture and all.



Shirt: RED Valentino (similar – in black). Cardigan: Gap. Headband: Express (old). Shoes: Chanel. Bag: Madewell. Earrings: Kate Spade. Rings: Kat & Bee.

I met up with a few of my classmates for dinner after I bought the pants, so they got the see them in all their see-through glory. Which also made them even more excited to see me try to actually pull these off. I got compliments and many were surprised to see how well the lining actually worked (for the most part).

I definitely have my work cut out for me with these, the drop crotch, the pattern, the paper bag waist. Oh, you didn’t know the waist was cinched like that? Let me show you:



Forgetting the fact that I need a manicure, like, yesterday, you can get an idea of the paper bag effect. Interestingly, while they’re meant to cinch in the pants, they actually stretched out and I found myself having to pull my pants up throughout the day (BECAUSE I’M SOOOO SKINNY, GUYS).

Anyway, I give these a 4 in easiness to pull off. They’re slouchy and long, so automatically they’re made for someone over 5’7″. The see-through-ness of the pants is a DEFINITE red flag, if you don’t have leggings then I highly suggest you look for another version of plaid pants. I will say this is another case where I saw what I had to wear and immediately regretted letting you guys vote, but once I actually thought about how to wear it, I got over my reservations. I think this will definitely be a fun trend for the month, and definitely challenging. But, it shouldn’t always be a cakewalk, you know?

What do you think of the pants? Have you noticed clothes are getting more and more sheer? HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO LOOK PROFESSIONAL IN SEE-THROUGH CLOTHES?! Discuss.