Trend Tuesday: 50 Shades of Oxblood

Ever since it came on the scene last fall, oxblood has been EVERYWHERE. It’s making a triumphant return for this fall/winter (I typed the combo: “wall” on the first attempt), and I for one couldn’t be happier. I’m pretty convinced that the color (not the actual blood) can look great on ANYONE, so this is a suggestion you go out and get some oxblood pieces of your own.

I went to a wedding this weekend; a gorgeous outdoor one that perfectly showcased New England in the fall. Unfortunately, because it was outside and I refused to wear tights and/or the blazer that I packed, I was quickly reminded that hey, it’s fall. It’s FREEZING. When night finally fell I was in full-fledged shiver mode, the kind that you usually get in November.

So yeah, cue the Game of Thrones reference, because winter is coming. You know what’s also coming? Midterms (in like 2 days), so I haven’t really had as much time to devote to my outfit planning as I usually do. As in, “I looked around my dresser REALLY quickly this morning to find something that wouldn’t clash with these pants and still make me look office-ready.” That kind of thought process. Because I was so short on time, I decided to really look at the color of the pants and then go from there.

While the untrained eye may say “yeah, your plaid pants are just red and black” – they’d be wrong. These pants are actually oxblood and black (and a little bit of white mixed in). So I decided to really showcase the color of oxblood by matching it on top. Oh, that’s right, I went totally matchy-matchy. Okay, I’m not SUPER thrilled about it, but the overall look isn’t half bad (I hope).

I actually have an oxblood coat my boyfriend gave me for Christmas last year – totally should have worn it and just stood against an oxblood-painted wall to blend in. Instead, I grabbed my trusty green J. Crew parka (that I have worn every day since I bought it last month) and headed out the door.

So, what do you think?

photo 1 (34)

No, those aren’t white socks…

Turtleneck: J. Crew. Shoes: DKNYC. Necklace: Flea Market. Sunglasses: Givenchy.

That isn’t a brand on the necklace, I actually found it in a flea market when I visited Greece in college. I think it cost the equivalent of $5, but I like to pull it out every now and again. It’s a cameo of some Greek god, I’d be lying if I said I knew which one, but I thought it looked cool and was SUPER excited to find it buried in all of my stuff when I did a deep cleaning of my accessories a couple weeks ago.

***UPDATE: My necklace broke at the end of the day 😦

The wideness of the pants kind of gets to me, particularly when I tuck in my shirt because then I look hippy (not like a flower child). But it looks worse if I untuck the shirt thanks to the tapered waist, so this is what we’re left with. OH, and it bunches up on the sides when I sit down, like so:

What IS that bunching?

What IS that bunching?

I just don’t get why it keeps doing that. Oh, and when I sit down the zipper pokes out like I have a boner, so that’s fun.

I have to say, aside from black, I tend to steer away from wearing the same color head-to-toe, but I was hopeful that the plaid pattern would help break up the outfit a little bit. OH! Another gripe about these pants? No belt loops – what IS that. These things are so stretchy and if I try to put a belt around them, the belt just comes up while the pants fall down. Not ideal.

Being bratty and not following Amy's photography directions.

Being bratty and not following Amy’s photography directions.

This look wasn’t too hard to put together for the office. The slouchiness of the pants is again a little too much for my taste, but that can be quickly dressed up with some pumps, as I did above. Side note: always keep a pair of neutral pumps under your desk. Always. You’ll never know when you need them and you don’t want to be stomping around a city in heels on your commute to work, that’s just painful.

Overall, I’d give this look a 7 to pull off. Can’t really mess with dress pants in an office setting, but obviously these are a bit more delicate since they’re, you know, see-through. However, the legging layering has been really working for me so it looks like we’ll continue that for the foreseeable future.

What do you think? Would you be willing to dress in head-to-toe oxblood? What colors are you loving this season?