Midweek Music: Fitz and The Tantrums

Exciting news in my world: Monday, October 28 marks the first day of my new job. Not only is the role fantastic, but I’m going to be dangerously close to some of my favorite restaurants (Hello, Eastern Standard! Hello, Island Creek Oyster!) and wonderfully close to the House of Blues. On the this first day of class so to speak, I’m also going to test out my new found convenience to see Fitz and The Tantrums live. Yes, I would call them “up-beat” and occasionally audience-driven, yes that’s slightly corny. But it’s energetic, dancy, soulful, and easy to identify with.

I’ve seen Fitz live before at a smaller venue, and they give a soul-filled, electric live performance. And I totally wish that I was Noelle Scaggs, the female vocalists. She’s vibrant and has the arms of Michelle Obama – things that I strive for. On top of that, she’s got great taste in fashion, and Neiman Marcus even noticed.  Along with ZZ Ward and Natalie Bergman of Wild Belle, Scaggs is one of the faces for a Neiman initiative to reach their younger demographic. The project is called CUSP, focusing on lifestyle, trend spotting and urban looks (think novelty sweaters, Cambridge Satchel Company bags and statement jewelry). It might be a new favorite for the Femme Fatales. Noelle is not only in the ads, but she was a part of the “high-wattage performances” that happened in late September to kick-off the concept launch that’s happening in -stores. Sadly Boston didn’t benefit from the shows, so I’m a little  Miami and Dallas.

Here are the looks that Noelle sported for the campaign:





For some reference, here’s the latest by Fitz and The Tantrums:

Do you think she’s a fit for a campaign at Neiman? Will you be shopping CUSP at Neiman Marcus?