What You Can Buy Instead of a $10 Million Bra

That’s right, Victoria’s Secret released its Fantasy Bra this year, and the price tag is a doozy. Like, a $10 million doozy to be exact. The Fantasy Bra goes way back. Well, to 1996, so let’s just say BT (before Titanic) or 17 years! When the Fantasy Bra first debuted, it was worth $1 million dollars and was worn by Claudia Schiffer.

Fun fact: The first bra was shown in a catalog, not on the runway.

Fun fact: The first bra was shown in a catalog, not on the runway.

Through the years, the total value of the Fantasy Bra has changed depending on the gems and metals used – the most expensive in 2000 and it was $15 million and worn by Gisele. Gisele also wore the second highest-value Fantasy Bra ($12.5 million) because Gisele is Gisele and she gets everything awesome.

Shut up, Gisele.

Shut up, Gisele.

Interestingly, Heidi Klum has strutted the Fantasy Bra on the runway the most times with three.

You can shut up, too, Heidi Klum.

You can shut up, too, Heidi Klum.

So anyways, back to the current Fantasy Bra. This year’s will be sported by Candice Swanepoel, otherwise known as my latest enemy. The bra (and matching belt) features more than 4,200 diamonds, yellow sapphires, and rubies and is made out of 18k gold. Oh, and it has 52-carat ruby in the middle.


The idea behind this insane bra is one lucky guy will buy this for his trophy wife or whatever and she can wear it for him and it’s the new equivalent of making it rain.

So anyway, Jon was like “I think I’m going to buy this for you for Christmas” and I was like “babe, there are SO many other things you can buy me with $10 million.”



100 diamond and crocodile skin Birkin bags (worth around $100,000 a piece).


3,333 classic Chanel 2.55 bags (valued at $3,000 per bag).


The entire Elizabeth Taylor collection currently on display at the de Young Fine Arts Museum.


2,000 Blue French Bulldogs at $5,000 a puppy. Blue Frenchies (which basically look gray) are rare, which is the reason behind the high price. Can you imagine being covered in 2,000 Frenchies? Forget the bra, this is my fantasy.


10 of these $1 million Mercedes that Rihanna bought for Chris Brown. I would use all 10 of them to run over Chris Brown.


This 7,000+ square-foot home in Beacon Hill. That’s right – a standalone house in BOSTON. WITH A YARD. This totally wins.

Yeah, I’m sure there’s a million other (or 10 million other things) you can buy with that kind of money. I have to ask – if money were no object, would you even consider buying the bra? I mean, it doesn’t even seem comfortable.