Friday Finds: 5 Things I’ll Miss About Amy

No, Amy isn’t going anywhere on the blog, but as she mentioned in her Midweek Music post, she DID get a new job, leaving me without an ally in the corporate world. The Starbucks guys we always go to (every day) have been asking me how I feel about my future of making solo trips for caffeine and I answer with the same “I’m in a state of depression” reply. While I have a taste for dramatics, I’m only half-kidding when I say that.

Amy has been a major part of my professional life for years now. Even though we never really “worked together,” it was always amazing to have a good girlfriend that you could G-chat saying “coffee. now.” and be out the door together a minute later. However, we weren’t always like that.

I remember when Amy started, though we didn’t talk right away. Mainly because she was the NICEST person ever and I didn’t trust her. Seriously, girl is like a human Prozac. After my initial “she has to be faking it, no one is really that nice,” I discovered, yup, she actually is THAT NICE. And THAT FRIENDLY. I’m adding caps for emphasis, and those of you who know Amy personally will get it.

We then were seated at the same island at work, and as the only two girls on this desk cluster of curmudgeon-y men (one of whom was Jon – was as in he doesn’t work there anymore), we bonded over our mutual love of fashion, cute puppies and other girly things. We’ve seen so many changes throughout the company, seen so many friends come and go, and I actually can’t remember a time where I didn’t have her to turn to during a particularly rough day. With that, here are the 5 things I’ll miss about Amy:

1) She’ll instantly cheer you up. I wasn’t kidding about the human Prozac thing, and she is the perfect balance to my neuroses. There have been many a time where I get super flustered with work/school/boys/whatever, and Amy is instantly like “hey, let’s get coffee and talk about it” or “here’s a photo of a French bulldog” and all of a sudden you’re a lot calmer. Having that around at your convenience in a sometimes high-stress work environment has been an amazing luxury and I’m very sad to be losing it.


2) She’s super fun. In addition to being cheerful, Amy is also loads of fun. One time we were on a secret mission to blow up a robot shark balloon (the shark is controlled by a remote control), and it consisted of darting around the office without our manager noticing (it was his birthday). This was just one of the shenanigans we’ve gotten into over the years, although there have been many during office outings.

Night Out

3) She’s up for fun after-work activities. I didn’t used to be a hermit. No, before school, I loved finding stuff to do after work. Whether it was working out or grabbing drinks after work, I just loved doing anything. Amy has a popular social schedule (because everyone loves her) but you could always count on her doing something spontaneous once the clock struck 5. This photo was taken during the Boston Christmas Tree lighting ceremony. It was winter and we were in blazers. True story: our ribs hurt the next day from shivering SO much. We thought the tree was supposed to be lit 2 hours before it actually was.

photo (4)

4. Her awesome style. I mean, we’re still friends so I’ll still see her and drool over whatever gorgeous purchase she recently bought, but Amy totally brought fashion to the office. Very few girls dress as impeccably as she does, which means I’ll have to hold down the fort all by myself (NOT SO HUMBLE BRAG). But seriously, Amy has a wardrobe even a blind person would covet, and I’m sad I won’t get to see it every single day. Although she refused to show up as frequently as I do on this blog, trust me when I say she’s the more fashionable one.

photo 4 (1)

5. My in-house photographer is gone. Amy takes 80 percent of the photos you see for Trend Tuesday and any other personal photos we use. Does this mean our blog will change much? No, we just need to be a little bit better about coordinating. I’m actually so happy we have this blog together, because it will always give us something to talk about, even if we’re super busy in our respective lives – we’ll still have to run ideas by each other. I’m so happy our collaboration will continue, as it’s been one of the most rewarding and fun things I’ve done in a long time.

photo (6)

The one time I’ll be taller.

So Amy; the Wilma to my Betty, the Shirley to my Laverne, and the Femme to my Fatale (or vice versa – I can’t decide which one of us is considered badass), I will miss you around the office – but I can’t wait to grab drinks and talk our next strategy.

Thanks for three years of making the daily grind a little more awesome.