Trend Tuesday: Clear Lens, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose

Disclaimer: I’ve never seen a full episode of Friday Night Lights. I know, I know, please don’t pelt me with footballs. BUT I do know this famous slogan, and it goes quite nicely with this week’s topic, because, well, I FINALLY GOT MY NEW IPHONE. That’s right, I’m now the proud owner of a gold 5S. Go figure, I waited weeks to get my hands on the gold one and them immediately put a case on it. But I really don’t want to break it so it’s getting all the protection it needs. So sue me.

In addition to the fun fingerprint reader and better connectivity, this phone has an amazingly clear camera. We heard about this during the actual Apple announcement, and we got a sneak peek of it in action from Burberry, and it turns out – they were dead-on. This camera is amazing. Such a clear resolution, even on photos that I took my (now ancient) iPhone 4. Honestly, I don’t know how much clearer they can make these cameras – next thing we know everything will be in 3D. Or something else because 3D TVs seemed to be a major flop (seriously, does anyone have one of those?)

Anyway, I’m getting off-topic. The pants’ pattern remains difficult to photograph, despite the awesome new camera. I also think this could have been because I wore black leggings instead of my usual brown – but they were dirty and I didn’t plan my laundry schedule accordingly.

But – check how you can really see the tights detail:

Wasn't kidding.

Wasn’t kidding.

By leggings, I meant tights. Checkered tights. I should have seen this coming, but I honestly thought that the lines were dark enough that you wouldn’t notice a difference. From far away it was fine, and not many people were staring from like 3 feet away of my legs (I think), so we’re all good on that part. If you’re interested, the tights are Express.

Let me preface by saying when these pants were chosen as the trend of the month, I was most worried about figuring out how to wear them out. They’re slouchy, they don’t allow for a belt, I hate wearing heels out to bars due to a fear of, well, splitting my chin open once again (Club Cally ’07 – what whattt). So yeah, I was in a pickle. Also, I normally wear dresses or a really cute patterned top when I go out. These pants left both of these options out of the question. What to do, what to do?

Grab the cutest black thing in your closet, suck those pants into some knee-high boots and call it a day, that’s what:

photo 1 (12)

iPhone 5S: Showing you just how pale I am.

For starters, I really need to cut the whole “I don’t need to exercise” mentality because mannnn could I use some definition in the arm region. Two things to keep in mind: When I wore this out I had a lot of arm candy but I forgot them during the re-shoot. It was punkier, trust.

Boots: Rosegold. Shirt: Jasmine Sola (so old, the store doesn’t exist anymore). Sunglasses: Givenchy. Earrings: Francesca’s.

I felt like because the rest of the outfit was baggy, I needed to look sleek in one aspect: my hair. There’s something so effortless yet crazy sophisticated about a low ponytail. Or maybe that’s what I tell myself because it’s literally the only hairstyle I know how to do. Seriously, that or the super messy/snarl-filled bun. When I go out, particularly in the summer, I love pulling my hair back and letting it fall over one shoulder.

Because it was so bright during the reshoots, I kept my sunglasses on (per usual), but normally when I go out I have a darker eye makeup. Never been a lips girl. In fact, even though it takes a lot of coaxing (or a major hangover) to get me to go outside of my house without eye makeup, I keep the rest of my face pretty low maintenance. Although looking at these photos, I might want to consider investing in a bronzer. Or maybe some blush, at least. Regardless, concealer is a no-go, so is tinted moisturizer (even though it’s apparently awesome for your face if you get SPF), lipstick is a special occasion thing … basically bare-faced with the exception of eyeshadow, liner and mascara (all Dior – I may not be a huge makeup wearer, but I’m a huge snob about what I DO wear).

Because it's fall and we're running out of posing ideas.

Because it’s fall and we’re running out of posing ideas.

I wouldn’t wear this outfit clubbing or anything (I’m also not cool enough/too old for ‘clubbing’), but it’s totally fine for just grabbing a beer or two. If I really wanted to sell these pants, I’d buy a super tight black top to go with them but 1) momma’s got a lot of bills this month and 2) I REALLY don’t plan on wearing these out again.

Overall, I’d give these a 3 in easiness to pull off when going out on the town. Again, the fit and the dark pattern doesn’t make for the “hey, buy me a drink” look you’re probably going for. Unless you’re at some sort of hipster bar. Then go for it.

To be honest, I’m totally using these pants for traveling next weekend. They’ll totally be my “errands” outfit, but instead of running around Boston, I’ll be running around Logan Airport. Tomato, tomahto.