Friday Finds: ilux

I’m not saying that leggings are a suitable pant substitute, but I am saying that leggings have a time and a place. The time? All of winter. The place? All of New England. It’s inevitable that half of the women in the cold north east will be wearing the oh-so-comfortable legging for half of winter (being that it runs from mid-November through April, possibly May). Like I said, they do not count as PANTS, people. But they are a cozy, warm alternative that I believe can be warn correctly and with some class.

As you’ve probably guessed, I’m guilty of sporting the legging. I tend to wear them with lots of layers, typically my tall rider boots, a long blouse, a long sweater, and probably another jacket layered over that. That’s my standard winter weekend look. Since they get so much wear, I invest in a fresh pair each season, and it seems that the legging technology gets better year by year. This fall I discovered ilux at a little boutique on Charles Street. Ilux is a high quality New York based brand that also sells cashmere socks. Clearly I want to buy their entire inventory. But for now to maintain the health of my bank account, I’ll stick to the leggings.

But their Kimmy Legging is where it’s at – this pair fits all of my criteria, and I think that I’m a fairly critical judge when it comes to the highly-debated anti-pant. Here’s are my top three considerations that I debated while choosing this pair as my winter legging:

1. Thickness: WIll anyone be seeing things they shouldn’t? Are they actually going to keep me warm enough? Are they are going to last all winter? I wont even bother trying them on if there’s a possibility that they might be sheer in ANY location.

2. Cut: Let’s be honest – “how does my back side look in these?” is absolutely the first thing that needs a check mark. Then I consider length, the waist band wideness and comfort, and versatility. I then envision what I will likely be pairing them with (long sweaters, button down blouses, tall boots, ankle boots, etc).

3. Quality: Are they going to last all winter? Will the sutures come undone at a bad time? Is the material high quality? Is it going to fade quickly, or will the elastic give after a wash or two? Nobody wants to fall victim to the great LuLu Lemon translucent situation of 2013.

The ilux Kimmy fleece rider leggings fit all of these needs. They are SUPER thick, have quality stitching, and the cut is fantastic. There detail in the stitching makes the more sophisticated too, so they don’t look like a standard legging.



Do you have a preferred legging brand? Do you think that leggings can be worn tastefully? Tell me what you think!