Trend Tuesday: No Sleep Til Boston

This past weekend, I traveled to Raleigh, North Carolina, to watch one of my best friends from high school get married. I was expecting it to be a lot warmer than it was, only a couple degrees higher than Boston. That meant lots of freezing without tights and practically getting hypothermia on the plane when wearing my yoga capri pants and a leather jacket (and they charge for blankets? WTF?)

Anyway, Courtney was a gorgeous bride and the wedding was so beautiful. Great colors and a beautiful landscape thanks to the outdoor ceremony. Fun fact about a wedding weekend: There is A LOT of drinking, and not too much sleeping. In fact, my friend and I’s slogan became “No Sleep Til Boston,” and we fulfilled. Well, I even tried to get a couple hours of sleep before my flight, but that wasn’t happening.

I had promised that I for my final act in the plaid pants, I would rock them in the airport. However, when you’re going on maybeeee 45 minutes of sleep all night and just getting off a plane, you don’t even want to consider stopping to take photos in an airport. In fact, if anything is getting in the way of me getting into a cab, I am not a happy girl.



OH MY GOD I WANT TO CUDDLE GRUMPY CAT SO HARD. Anyway, moving on…What have I been touting about these pants the entire time? Their comfort factor. And mannnn were they perfect for curling up on a plane. Also, North Carolina food is ah-mazing. In fact, I became a huge fatass all weekend, eating and drinking everything in sight. Would you like a Bloody Mary? I would, with bacon-infused vodka, hot peppers and a strip of bacon sticking out of it. In fact, I’ll have two of them. For $6.25. Man, Boston is really expensive – we have to do something about that. As I was complaining about how loose these pants were me all month, that was officially no longer the case after my weekend of binge-eating.



Shirt: Alternative. Shoes: RocketDog. Jacket: MODA (old). Earrings: JoJo Loves You. Sunglasses: Givenchy. Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs.

Sweet puffy face. Thanks, alcohol. Yeah, obviously not in my finest form, but again, I had gone to bed for the first time at 9am and woke up around 1:30. I didn’t even attempt to put makeup on at all because, you know, Halloween is right around the corner and if there’s ever a time to not put on makeup, it’s a time when it’s socially acceptable to scare people. That and I couldn’t even see clearly at this point in the day.

photo 2 (11)

Was this the most flattering outfit? No. Do I care when I’m traveling and can’t even string a sentence together when I’m so tired? Of course not. This was clutch for traveling, everything was relaxed fit, and I’ve had those flats for so long that they’re practically like slippers at this point.

Overall, I’d give this look a 9 in easiness to pull off. Literally put on the pants (some leggings to hide the see-throughness) and a comfy T-shirt. Top with a killer jacket and you’ve got the perfect travel outfit. Oh and large sunglasses. Large sunglasses are a must for those nights where you think it’s a good idea NOT to sleep before your flight.

And so wraps up another trend. I have to ask, did you get on board with the plaid pants? After all, you picked them for the month. Amy and I are going shopping this weekend, as there are only four weeks in November, so my sartorial fate is officially in my own hands, just where I like it.