Monthly Archive: November, 2013

Midweek Music: Is Taylor Swift Actually Growing Up?

We do a lot of Taylor Swift bashing around here, but I can’t help noticing the increasing number of “howevers” after our sassy remarks. And I secretly suspect that it’s because we can’t… Continue reading

Trend Tuesday: Trends of Seasons Past

So winter is officially here. With the chilly weather comes the end of the semester, meaning there are tons of assignments to turn in over the coming weeks. That means whatever errands I… Continue reading

Put It Away, Heidi Klum (And Other AMA Looks)

Last night was the American Music Awards, which meant a gathering of some of the biggest names in music today and some C-list celebrities who apparently still get invited to things. Seriously. I’m… Continue reading

Friday Finds: Kris Nations

Your Christmas shopping is about to get ridiculously easy. Thank Kris Nations. Kris Nations does sophisticated, modern jewelry in silver and gold. Tons of the pieces – my favorite ones included – focus… Continue reading

The Friday Night Party Dress

I’m on the hunt for a new Friday night party dress. Friday nights are tough because there is no chance I’ll be up for a wardrobe change from whatever my comatose 7:30 am… Continue reading

Trend Tuesday: Set, Set That Crown On The Ground

…I’d be lying if I didn’t have this title planned since the moment I knew I was wearing a crown-print sweatshirt the same month I was seeing Sleigh Bells in concert. But no,… Continue reading

Can You Actually Be Cute In An Interview?

By: KC Crawford If you do a Google search for “interview fashion trends,” or something to that extent, you’ll find…nothing. Maybe it’s the Millennial in me who wants to trust the internet, or… Continue reading

Friday Finds: What You Need For A Winter Concert

I feel like Amy should be writing this, given that she’s our resident concert expert, but I actually can’t think of a different topic and it’s my day to write, so YOLO. Amy… Continue reading

Midweek Music: Lily Allen

Remember that retro girl with the British accent who sang curse words in a cute pop song called “Smile?” It seems like little miss Lily Allen (or Lily Rose Cooper as she was… Continue reading

Trend Tuesday: Sweatin’ At Work

It’s not what you think – gew. I told you I was most concerned about wearing a sweatshirt to work, and boy was I right. All these fashion blogs keep talking about “the… Continue reading