Oh My God, Why Is It So Cold?

I’m taking a break from my “We Need to Talk About…” series in order to discuss something very serious: my hatred of winter. And guys, IT’S HERE. Sure ACTUAL winter doesn’t start for another six weeks, but I’m already feeling the chill. As someone who has to leave for work before 8 am and gets home from class around 10 pm, I spend a lot of time commuting during the coldest hours of the day. Also, my office manager seems to think that 70 degrees is too warm for the A/C, so the thermostat is typically set to around 55 (estimation – it may even be lower). Before you’re like “well, why don’t you move to a warmer climate?” Let me just say that 1) I’m an East Coast girl forever, West Coast will never do it for me (sorry, Amy!) and 2) Do YOU want to live in Florida? Didn’t think so.

Instead of piling on my winter coat (although I’ve done it twice in the past week), I’ve been trying to instead bundle up with accessories. This way, if I go out for lunch or I’m on the T, I’m not sweater profusely thanks to a heavy wool coat. I feel like it’s either one extreme to the other when it comes to outerwear – either you’re sporting a light jacket (on April 25th) or dressed in a goose down North Face.

So instead of sweating, I’ve been sporting big sweaters under a light(ish) jacket and piling on the gloves and scarves (I’ve never been a hat person, but we’ll see where we are come January).

In the spirit of sharing, these are some of the warm items I’ve been buying in bulk recently, if only not to catch hypothermia.

Sweaters are a must-have for the colder months. Whether you want a cardigan, a pattern or a plain pullover, a sweater can be your best friend right about now.

Madewell's Gamine Sweater.

Madewell’s Gamine Sweater.

My personal favorite:

Anthropologie's Emperor Kiss Sweater.

Anthropologie’s Emperor Kiss Sweater.

Tory Burch's Etta Beaded Knit Sweater.

Tory Burch’s Etta Beaded Knit Sweater.

Gap's Circle-hem Elbow-patch cardigan.

Gap’s Circle-hem Elbow-patch cardigan.

Gloves are tricky. On the one hand, it’s a lot harder to handle your smartphone. On the other, your fingers are nice and toasty. While I have always been fond of mittens (gloves are not friends of people with small hands), I kind of love the glove/mitten hybrids that have become popular.

J. Crew's Smartphone Leather Gloves.

J. Crew’s Smartphone Leather Gloves.*

*J. Crew made leather gloves to go with smartphones because J. Crew is always thinking.

Free People.

Free People Fingerless Gloves.

Kate Spade New York Pop Gloves.

Kate Spade New York Pop Gloves.

Burberry Prosum Heart-Print Gloves.

Burberry Prosum Heart-Print Gloves.

Side note: Is anyone has obsessed with Burberry Prosum’s heart-print collection as I am? Because I’m pretty sure I’d even sell Jon for some of these pieces.

Scarves are an instant dress-up. Seriously, if you feel like just wearing a T-shirt and jeans, throw a scarf on top and you’ll look like a million bucks. All the more reason to stock up on them during the fall and winter, in my opinion. I truly believe when it comes to scarves, the more colors/pattern, the better.

Marc by Marc Jacobs' My Boyfriend Chunky-knit Merino Wool Scarf.

Marc by Marc Jacobs’ My Boyfriend Chunky-knit Merino Wool Scarf.

Gap's Penguin Scarf.

Gap’s Penguin Scarf.

Mary Katrantzou's Multicolor Scarf.

Mary Katrantzou’s Multicolor Scarf.

Burberry Check Cashmere Scarf.

Burberry Check Cashmere Scarf.

How do you gear up for winter?