Trend Tuesday: Set, Set That Crown On The Ground

…I’d be lying if I didn’t have this title planned since the moment I knew I was wearing a crown-print sweatshirt the same month I was seeing Sleigh Bells in concert. But no, I really didn’t choose the sweatshirt just based on that – it was just an added bonus!

This past Saturday, I tore myself away from the library for a millisecond to go to the concert. I’m not even being dramatic when I say this was my last night out until December 12th. Like, seriously. With so many school deliverables in the next few weeks, I’ll be lucky if I have time to groom myself, let alone go out. So I knew that I had to make this last outing count before I start to resemble Quasimodo thanks to my hunchback from heavy backpack, constant library outfits of leggings and tunics and a twitching eye due to stress.

Artist's sketch.

Artist’s sketch.

Oh and I’ve also been rocking booties this entire fall and I have reddish hair. So BASICALLY I have a new celebrity doppleganger whenever that Facebook profile picture event comes around again.

Anyway, Amy and I have been looking forward to this concert for a while, as Sleigh Bells is on heavy rotation on the work Spotify playlist. Also, we’ve covered them before: see? Alexis Krauss is cooler than I’ll ever be, and the fact that she was jumping, dancing and singing nonstop – without cracking her voice – is a phenomenon in itself. As someone who gets winded sprinting 1,000 feet to the T (embarrassing, yet completely true), I thought her performing skills just insane.

Because I was in the library until right before dinner/the concert, and because daylight savings is now in full effect, we are breaking our #1 Femme Fatale rule of NO TAKING PICTURES IN THE DARK. That, and I just spent the past few hours eating my weight in guacamole and sweating from dancing so much. I know what you’re thinking – I’m such a catch.

I left my house at 10 a.m. that morning and wasn’t going to be able to get home in between school and the concert. So I did what any self-respecting 20-something graduate student would do: I wore booty shorts to the library.

Post-dancing hair.

Post-dancing hair.

Shorts: Isabel Lu. Booties: Jeffrey Campbell. Clutch: York Design Co. Tights: Gap. Watch: Michael Kors. Necklace: Forever 21.

To be fair, I also wore flat boots and tights so it’s not like I was full-on “doesn’t this look like a walk of shame outfit?” But I definitely stood out in a sea of yoga pants. But hey, a sweatshirt is collegiate, so whatever.

OH! And I totally followed my own advice and dressed appropriately for the concert. Clutch, flat boots and tights. Donezo.

The concert was so much fun, though it started wicked early. Like, doors opened at 6, early. Amy and I grabbed dinner so we missed the opening act, but Sleigh Bells did not disappoint. I only wish they had been on longer. The set (including encore) was done by 9:15. For a last hurrah, this was definitely tame. In fact, I went home and did more work because at heart, I’m a masochist.

At the concert DURING Crown on the Ground.

At the concert DURING Crown on the Ground.

Bonus points: The coat check lady loved my sweatshirt. She was wearing bright orange spandex and a rainbow blouse. We were buds.

Overall, I’d give this look a 6 to pull off. I wouldn’t normally wear a sweatshirt to go out, but I feel like at a concert like Sleigh Bells, you can get away with it (SO MUCH FLANNEL). I don’t think I’d recommend a jeweled sweatshirt on a Saturday night date, though.