The Friday Night Party Dress

I’m on the hunt for a new Friday night party dress. Friday nights are tough because there is no chance I’ll be up for a wardrobe change from whatever my comatose 7:30 am mind chose for me.

Once I hit my mid-twenties (I know, it’s painful to even say), I started almost exclusively investing in items that I can wear to work. That means that my outfits are actually focused on after work affairs, because who really has time to change before meeting up with friend for wine at Franklin Cafe? So I end up doing quite a bit of  layering to make things “work appropriate.”

I also don’t buy into the whole office attire, Banana Republic mentality either. I’ve tried it before and I only end up spending eight hours feeling frumpy, fussy and uncomfortable.

So, that brings us back to my dilemma: my Friday night dress.

In attempt to get something a little different, I’m taking some hints this time from some of my musical style icons by checking out their instagrams. I found out that more often than not my style heros are wearing prints, but I’m typically wearing solid, neutral fabrics with stylized cuts. Determined to break out of my boring neutrals and remain “work appropriate,” the inspiration lineup is as follows: Beyonce, Solange, and Lorde.



My Beyonce inspired find: Philip Lim. Yes, it’s a solid fabric, but the polka dot cutouts and mint green are not something that you can find in my closet! It’s still long enough and not showy, but still chic!

Philip Lim

Phillip Lim, Sleeveless Laser-Cut Polka Dot Dress, Pale Aqua



The Solange inspired find: Clover Canyon. I gravitate towarded dresses with sleves because that means no blazer requited. I love this graphic, high contrast dress.

Clover Canyon Ballerina Diamond Short-Sleeve Bias Dress

Clover Canyon, Ballerina Diamond Short-Sleeve Bias Dress



My Lorde inspired find: Maeve. So the colors aren’t bold, but the pattern takes care of all of that. It’s embroidered with a large scale classic print. Love.


Maeve, Sugar Swirls Shift

What do you wear for the Friday night party? Are you a “work appropriate” only girl as well?