Friday Finds: Kris Nations

Your Christmas shopping is about to get ridiculously easy. Thank Kris Nations. Kris Nations does sophisticated, modern jewelry in silver and gold. Tons of the pieces – my favorite ones included – focus on typography and line work. My inner graphic designer all in a flutter over these little things. They found the cutest way to transforme type into an artistic element, inspiring a fresh sense of meaning, texture and playfulness to these edgy but light charms.

My favorite Kirs Nations line is a type-centric one – the State Pride collection. Each state is outlined and filled with type to spell out the name. On top of the blatant adorable factor of the actual necklace, the glass vile and cork topper packaging (are they marketing toward me?!) is perfection. It’s basically gift ready, all it needs is a big red bow.


What’s not to love about these? I can only imagine a receiver would feel overwhelmed that you thought of such a personal gift. Men, take notes. You’ll gain at least a few sentimental points from a gift like this.

So to all of our friends and followers, there’s the gift of New York for Jill:

Kirs Nation New York

A the gift of California for me:

Kris Nations California

Of course the remaining 48 states are also available. Being split between California and Massachusetts, I’m even considering purchasing both states to layer on different length chains. Otherwise you can order directly from the website, and you should receive them in time for Christmas. Also check out their custom paired earring sets. You can match an initial with a heart, a heart with a state, the options are endless. How cute and personal are these:

Kris Nations Custom

If you’re Boston-based and looking to support local shops, I found these ones at Mint Julep – one of my staple boutiques in the city.

So what do you think? Are you sold?