Trend Tuesday: Trends of Seasons Past

So winter is officially here. With the chilly weather comes the end of the semester, meaning there are tons of assignments to turn in over the coming weeks. That means whatever errands I would do on weekends are being put on hold in favor of trekking to the library to bang out papers of all sorts.

Want to know how I’m getting through all of this? I give you: the best pump-up mashup of all time. You’re welcome, world:

My busy schedule isn’t just affecting the fact that I don’t have time to go grocery shopping, but also the fact I have NO time to do laundry. Thankfully, I used to hate doing laundry in college, so I own close to 100 pairs of underwear to hold me over.

But what does that mean for choosing an outfit? Well, it’s time to bring back an old trend due to the fact that all my jeans are in a laundry pile. Just when I thought a bedazzled sweatshirt couldn’t get any crazier, I decided to wear them with animal-print jeans. That’s right: the same printed jeans from the very first Trend Tuesday.

Taken in 20 degree weather.

Taken in 20 degree weather.

Pants: Joe’s Jeans. Shoes: Gap. Sunglasses: Chloe.

Forced smile much? That’s because I couldn’t feel my head and hands. Wind chill is CRAZY in the quad. That’s why this photo shoot lasted 5 seconds. I have absolutely no idea what we’re going to do the rest of winter – maybe every trend in the coming months is something thermal?

Also, I went ahead and bought the glitter loafers you wouldn’t let me wear last month. You might have been right, they’ve been cutting up my feet like whoa (thank goodness it’s tights weather to hide my hideous cuts and blisters).

photo 2 (14)

Have lost all feeling in extremities.

I figured for my last look, why not go all out? Jewels. Sparkly shoes. Printed pants. Sure – why not? If I actually had time to run around Boston, this is exactly what I’d be wearing. Especially to fit in with all of the too-cool-for-school girls of Newbury Street who mix so many trends it’s insane. And look perfect doing it. Must perfect this art.

Overall, I’d give this look an 8. Obviously in this chilly weather you need to be sporting a coat/scarf/hat/mittens on top of it – but for the sake of showing off the outfit we omitted all of these accessories I came in wearing (to my misery outside).

Do I think you could find multiple ways to wear a bedazzled sweatshirt? Yes, in fact multiple fashion magazines say this look is all the rage. HOWEVER, trust me when I tell you do not spend much money on it. Seriously – no Wildfox Couture versions or anything. If you spend more than $100 on a sweatshirt of any kind, you’re an idiot – because mark my words: this trend will be over by this time next year and you’ll just be confined to lounging in your apartment with it.

Next month we have THE HOLIDAYS. And we’ll be having a Trend Tuesday vote – so gear up for next week!