Midweek Music: We Need to Talk about Lorde, Again.

We haven’t written about Lorde since we decided that she would provide our summer songs back in June. That’s when she was still only 16 and recorded “Royals” for her EP The Love Club. If you’ve been on any sort of road trip recently you would know that “Royals” is looping on the radio. But as of November 7 she’s finally 17, happy birthday, Lorde!

Since “Royals” hit internal audiences, this girl has been ALL OVER. Honestly. She’s even hanging out with Tilde Swinton and David Bowie.


Her first album Pure Heroine was finally in the states in late October. The staunch Pitchfork gave the album a decent rating and review. She’s winning hearts while looking like the gothic teenager next door. The New York Times is noticing her dramatic look too, noting that she’s shyly approaching stardom. She’s representing a young culture that that isn’t like that of the Beibers and Selenas.

Her frank way of dressing isn’t glittery in any sense of the word. And she likes it that way. Unlike her pop songs, her aesthetic is not glamorous, not teen pop star, not goddess status. Just a girl confidently doing what she loves.

Dissecting her outfits means seeking out the details within her black on black ensembles. She “breaks it up” with greys, dark patterns and other neutrals every once in a while. White T’s and sweatshirts appear to be daily wardrobe staples, as are chunky black platforms and oversized jackets.


So what does this little musical heroine actually end up looking like day-to-day? Her official photographer, James Lowe, captures her looks best.





Her LBOs (Little Black Outfits) are all over the place. This obvious theme applies even when she’s performing.



She her  hanging out in the shadows again in her latest video:

What do you think about Lorde’s monochromatic approach – do you think she’s challenging today’s teen pop star?