Midweek Music: Ms Mr

Ms Mr might only have one full album out, but they managed to make the list for this year’s Coachella lineup (see them earlier in the afternoon on Friday).  The duo consists of vocalist Lizzy Plapinger (MS) and producer Max Hershenow (MR) who met while attending Vassar College.  However they didn’t start collaborating until later, releasing their first single together in 2011. Although they participated in 2013, this New York-based band sadly didn’t end up on this year’s Governor’s Ball list that was just announced. Boo hiss.

Nonetheless, MS MR’s album, Second Rapture, has an addictive quality, reminiscent to that of Florence and the Machine. The album makes sense, and is a nice collection of work for a first release.  That being said there are some clear standout tracks. “Hurricane” and “Fantasy” are tops. Off the album, their LCD  Soundsystem cover, “Dance Yourself Clean” is also worth listening to. I think that I like their version even more than the original.

Okay, so the music is great. But secretly I have an alternative motive here. What I REALLY want to talk about is Lizzy’s hair. Yes, her ever-changing multicolored hair. All I can think of is how awesome it is, and how much it reminds me of My Little Pony. Or mermaid hair. Honestly, someone needs to buy her the “I’m Really a Mermaid” Wildfox tee. Lizzy doesn’t seem to discriminate against any color, and typically gets in more than one at a time. Even her clothing will be rainbow-centric or heavily textured to compliment it’s vibrancy. It’s an amazing thing to follow:


©Richard Johnson



Max has a nice hair style going as well. But there’s no comparison to Lizzy’s technicolored unicorn hair. That’s just how it is. So, you can’t miss their album, or Lizzy’s hair. Find her roaming through Manhattan and him around Brooklyn. They aren’t exactly going for incognito.