Get Gym Ready this January

It’s almost three weeks into 2014 and you’re probably experiencing the same pains that you experience every January: freakish crowds at the gym. We are all keenly aware of the membership deals, the resolutions, the “new year, new you” stuff. But I refuse to be negative about the whole thing, because quite frankly, there’s no avoiding these mobs for the next six weeks. So, what’s a girl to do? I’ve been looking for SOME way to make the experience the smallest bit better without moving to a new apt and building an at home gym (IN MY DREAMS). So I’ve come up with a strategy to stay motivated while fighting off the awkward people at the elliptical machines: updating my workout from my wardrobe to my playlist.

That’s right, I’m on to buying snazzy new workout clothes and accessories so that I can show them off at the gym to the masses. And somehow this little thing helps. A lot actually. I get excited to test out my new workout gear and get to the gym. From new sports bras, long sleeve tops, sneakers to headphones, I’m going for it.

Here’s what I’ve been excited about.



Wunder Under Pant $82

If you like to train outdoors during the winter these are hands down the best pants out there. The waist band doesn’t squeeze, they stay up, and they are thick and warm! I know that they are $82, but I’ve had one my pair for 3 years now. It’s an trend worth buying into.



Free 5.0 V4 $100


Free 3.0 v5 $110


1260V3 $150

Running shoes don’t have to be ugly, with weird dark colors and metallic strips everywhere! Give you feet a boost with these fun sneaks.



Elastica Printed $55


UA Gotta Have It $25


Incredible Sports Bra $50


The Player $30

Nike sports bras are a tried and true companion. My newest addition to the team is the Under Armour Gotta Gave It, and I must say that I’m pretty obsessed. I love the dry fit material and the extended elastic at the bottom. It’s extremely comfortable. But I must admit that was pretty excited when Victorias Secret finally decided to join the competition. All of the prints and colors are seriously getting me ready for spring, making me all the more motivated to get fit for my springs trips that I have planned.



Tech Performance Graphic Short Tights $25


Performance Bodywear Tech ACTV Endurance Shorts $80


Burn Shorts $36

I love the longer shorts for the gym. But if you were a volleyball player, or just deserve to show-off your legs, the short spandex are so cute. Oakley makes my favorite standard running shorts. They are light, comfortable, and make your lets and waistline look amazing.



Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve $68


Yogini $62


UA Cozy Printed 1/2 Zip $65

I personally love wearing sleeves when I workout, until they crank the heat in the gym so high during the winter. If I’m outdoors during the cooler months, I prefer something like the AU Cosy by Under Armour to keep me warm without the bulk of layers.



On the Move $15

Beats by Dre

powerbeats $150


Missoni Lurex Zig Zag Headband $140

Accessorizing at the gym isn’t frivolous when it comes to headbands and headphones. My workouts aren’t up to snuff without them. And if you can splurge for the beats by dre, you’ll never be able to blame your short workouts on the music.

What is you can’t live without workout accessory?