Friday Finds: Adia Kibur

I have talked at length about my love of the statement necklace, and I’m constantly looking for new pieces to add to my jewelry collection. I’m not alone, and apparently jewelers are starting to take notice. One of my ultimate treats for myself is a good statement necklace from J. Crew, and yet the prices are climbing so high that the “treat” is now turning into “can I afford food for the rest of the month?” Look, I don’t really blame J. Crew, they know they’ve got a good thing going and that there will always be idiots (like myself) who will continue to pay as the price climbs (or we have learned the art of waiting for sales).

This is why I always love when I come across a great costume jewelry line that doesn’t break the bank. I mean, why would I want to spend hundreds of dollars on jewelry that isn’t even real? Well, thank goodness I was on Shop Bop last night, because I came across this adorable jewelry line: Adia Kibur. There are so many great statement necklaces in this line, and best part: most of them are less than $100!

Here are some of my favorite picks:

Link chain necklace - $70.

Link chain necklace – $70.

Teardrop Jewel Necklace - $60.

Teardrop Jewel Necklace – $60.

Geometric Colorful Gemstone Necklace.

Geometric Colorful Gemstone Necklace – $120.

Crystal Statement Necklace - $70.

Crystal Statement Necklace – $70.

Crystal Fringe Necklace - $75.

Crystal Fringe Necklace – $75.

Fringe Pendant Necklace - $60.

Fringe Pendant Necklace – $60.

What do you think? Will you be checking this line out?