Midweek Music: Aloe Blacc


If you don’t live in a cave, chances are you’re not only aware that the Super Bowl is this Sunday, but you’ve have heard an unofficial 2014 Super Bowl anthem, “The Man,” everywhere. Aloe Blacc’s single, “The Man,” is not only all over the radio, but featured in the latest Beats by Dre ads featuring Kevin Garnett and Colin Kaepernick. There’s good reason why Beats by Dre, a premium product and major brand in the music world, chose to support Aloe during prime advertising time. This man has heart. And of course, a charming sense of style.

Aloe Blacc’s climb to fame has been slow, but has reached a new momentum after teaming with with Avicii in 2013 on the single “Wake Me Up.” It’s shocking that the 35 year old signer/songwriter/rapper/musician didn’t gain international success sooner, and maybe it’s because he needed a more refined sound. And perhaps that’s because he couldn’t decide which musical talent to pursue.

Aloe Blacc co-wrote and recorded the vocals for Avicii’s country-tinged hit, “Wake Me Up,” been part of rap groups and has even collaborated on jazz albums. If that isn’t vast then I don’t know what is. But now it seems like he’s found a strong rhythm with a soulful, jazzy, and R&B medium that highlights his sexy voice (that’s right, he’s got a HOT voice). Fellow hottie, Pharrell Williams, is even on board and producing his next album. It will be the first full album since “Wake Me Up” hit the masses, and it’s set to come out this March. It’s already available for pre-sale on iTunes.

I have a good feeling that despite Aloe Blacc’s accelerated stardom, he’ll remain the confident but soft-spoken man who I saw perform on a small stage (much too small for him) in Boston two years ago. Aloe Blacc is on the list of must listen artists of 2014. So find out what else he’s doing outside of those radio singles.