Monthly Archive: February, 2014

Friday Finds: My Oscar Predictions

THE OSCARS ARE COMING! THE OSCARS ARE COMING! Squeals, claps, etc. I kind of have a love/hate relationship with the Oscars because on the one hand, they’re amazing. On the other – now… Continue reading

Guess What We Won’t Be Wearing This Fall?!

HEELS. You heard right, heels are out and flats are in. My height says “no” but my broken toes say “God, yes!” I’ve started to pay more attention to Fashion Week (because I… Continue reading

Midweek Music: The Grand Budapest Hotel

Only Wes Anderson could be responsible for this completely dramatic but twee soundtrack for his latest, The Grand Budapest Hotel. There are bells and pitter patters everywhere, meanwhile heavy Russian drums hum in… Continue reading

Trend Tuesday: Say Goodbye to These

If you’ve seen Arrested Development, you’ll understand the reference. Except I’m not flashing anyone (HAHA, got you to click!), no, instead you can say goodbye to me for a month. That’s right, friends:… Continue reading

Heavy Metal Is HUGE, You Guys

Do you like when your clothes are so heavy it’s a workout just wearing them? Well GET EXCITED, EVERYONE, because you’re about to have a whole lotta that going on this fall. At… Continue reading

Prepare Thy FUPA: High-Waisted Jeans Are Gonna Be Huge

Every so often – I’d say maybe even a good five-year mark – the world of denim changes in a big way. I used to think flares were universally flattering (they aren’t). When… Continue reading

Midweek Music: Rhye

Rhye produced one of the best albums of 2013, Woman. And they didn’t exactly¬†go to great lengths to publicize it. To be honest, they didn’t have to – the album is that attractive.… Continue reading

Trend Tuesday: The Boots Of The Season

Hey guess what? It’s snowing again. That means it has snowed twice since my whiny post last Thursday. Sorry you missed out on blogging yesterday, but a three-day weekend called for much relaxation.… Continue reading

Friday Finds: The Perfect Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas

Happy Valentine’s Day! What’s everyone’s plans? Whether you’re single, taken, married, whatever, it’s nice to get into the spirit. Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to dress up, no matter what you’re doing.… Continue reading

We’re All About Fashion Week…Except Not Really

Is it just me or did everyone forget it was Fashion Week these past few days? Maybe it’s because the weather has been so awful no one had been paying attention to much… Continue reading