If You Get Me CVS Boxed Chocolates, I’ll Kill You (And Other Valentine’s Gift Ideas)

Jon (upon seeing the title of this blog): “I’m going to get you some now just to spite you.”


Are you searching for a Valentine’s Day gift? While it’s not required, some people like getting little fun gifts for their significant others. Others choose just to settle for cards. Some people go with dinner and flowers. Others get some awesome lingerie (PS: It’s lingerie month at The Femme Fatales – you’ll notice as the month continues). The list goes on and on.

I, for one, don’t think you should spend that much money on a Valentine’s gift. Seriously, I got an email from Neiman Marcus yesterday (I know, it’s a specific audience) saying “Get David Yurman just in time for Valentine’s Day.” If my boyfriend got me David Yurman for Valentine’s Day, I’d be totally suspicious he was guilty of something (I’m also a psychopath).

If you go the Valentine’s gift route, I think it’s all about being personal. It is SO easy to just buy a heart-shaped box of chocolates (with 40% of its contents being the gross fruit-chocolate candies everyone hates and throws away), so why not do something a bit more heartfelt? Here, I break down awesome gift ideas for your boyfriend/girlfriend/mistress/mist(er?)/whatever. Best part? Nothing should cost you more than $50 (unless you’re an overachiever)!

A home-cooked meal:


I feel like this is really undervalued in the romance department. I mean, you could argue “I cook every night,” but I think there’s something to be said about taking the time to make a really romantic meal OR making one of your love’s favorite dishes – from scratch! Don’t know how to cook? I don’t believe it. If you know how to read, you know how to cook, all you need is the perfect recipe. Don’t have time to go on Pinterest? Sweet! I did it for you: Pan-seared strip steak recommended by Lauren Conrad, Risotto with chicken and spring peas (it takes some time, but the effort is worth the taste), Red velvet fondue (because, obvi) and finally, Glamour magazine’s infamous Engagement Chicken. Legend has it that if you make that last dish, you could be getting a very sparkly surprise soon after. Let me know if it works – and feel free to invite me to the wedding!

DVD seasons:

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Have a favorite show you watch together? Buy a season of it on DVD that you can binge watch. Before you’re like “whatever, Jill, you can watch it on Netflix,” I think there’s something so cute about presenting the physical thing and having a cozy movie night with some red wine. It can also show that you put thought into spending some extra time together. Plus, if your favorite show IS on Netflix and is over 100 episodes, they start deleting some to keep them under the limit.

Their interests:


Don’t want to get a “you never listen to me!” Well … listen! Is you boyfriend a huge Patriots fan (sport/team interchangeable here)? Get them some memorabilia, or tickets if they aren’t too expensive (looking at you, Islanders fans). Does your girlfriend like cats? Have you SEEN Etsy? There are so many adorable jewelry pieces, the majority of which are super affordable. In fact, I’m pretty sure you can easily find SOMETHING your girlfriend will like on Etsy.



Because everyone wants a drunk Valentine! But seriously, is your girlfriend a vodka tonic kind of girl? Buy a nice bottle of Grey Goose. Does your boyfriend like craft beer? Go to your local liquor store and talk to a salesperson. “This is the kind of beer my boyfriend drinks, do you have anything similar or of higher caliber?” PERFECT. You get bonus points if your significant other likes a specific cocktail and you make it for them.



So your boyfriend’s a huge Stephen King fan? Awesomesauce, then there are, like, a million books you can choose from. Does your girlfriend love “The Hunger Games?” I’ve heard good things about the “Divergent” series. Love sounding like you know what you’re talking about? Seriously, anything by Malcolm Gladwell. Someone like crossword puzzles? Sweet, there are a million books of The New York Times (on Sundays!) Your sweetie suddenly decided to incorporate more plants into their diet? Pick up Plenty. If your boyfriend/girlfriend likes ANYTHING, there’s a highly probable chance you can buy them a book to reflect it. Still stumped? Gchat me and I’ll point you in the right direction.



Remember that title? Yeah, I’m not saying half-ass it with generic candy. Please see spot-on SNL skit. I’ll wait. There are SO many treats that go so beyond the standard “chocolate” it’s insane. Best part? A lot are mail order. My absolute go-to? Get some pints of Jeni’s. Based out of Columbus, Ohio, (represent!) these pints are so creative in flavors you’d never even think of, yet so amazingly tasty. Like cupcakes? Look no further than the colossal cupcakes from Crumbs (which also ships nationwide).

Also – if you’re going to go with stuffed animals, my original incline is to say “don’t” unless it’s something like this. Did I help at all? Seriously my gift-giving skills are renowned (and no one will ever beat me). Hope you have a great Valentine’s Day!