Trend Tuesday: The Boots Of The Season

Hey guess what? It’s snowing again. That means it has snowed twice since my whiny post last Thursday. Sorry you missed out on blogging yesterday, but a three-day weekend called for much relaxation. And eating. Because it’s Valentine’s weekend and how else do you celebrate other than having an eating contest with your significant other. What? The name of the game is to fatten the other one up so they’re stuck with you (JUST KIDDING, JON). Anyway, I hope you all had a fabulous Valentine’s Day filled with love. I’m actually writing this blog from my Valentine’s gift to myself: a new Macbook Air. Because really, if you can’t treat yourself on V-day, then when can you? I guess any other time, but dammit if I don’t like an excuse to do this. But OH MY GOD, THREE-DAY WEEKEND. Seriously, why can’t that happen all the time? It’s the perfect amount of time to be away from work without going stir crazy. You feel recharged (HA! I said as I woke up this morning). You have time to brunch. Oh that’s right- I brunched hard this weekend, except not at the place I wanted to on Monday because I missed the memo that you needed to get there BEFORE they opened, otherwise there’d be an hour-and-a-half wait. Wah. I decided to run around Boston for brunching and computing buying wearing my February trend and BIG MISTAKE BECAUSE IT’S COLD. I mean, yikes. As you’ll see in the photos, I’m not even pretending to be comfortable – I’m shivering, my nose is red and my boots are covered in show, which brings me to the title of this post.

Typically with Trend Tuesday, I like to show off different footwear for different outfits. While I’ve worn the exact shoes you’ve seen me wear in the past photos, I’ve only sported them indoors. Instead, if I even have to go outside for five minutes, I am rocking the good ol’ snow boots. Well, Hunter wellies that I line with wool socks and pretend they’re snow boots. I even mentioned in my last Trend Tuesday, I had to stay indoors for you to see my work shoes because otherwise I’d slip on the ice and fall and break my jaw. If I’m going to be running all over Boston, you best believe I will rock the appropriate footwear, because at the end of the day, isn’t it more fashionable to wear ugly shoes and not have a broken face? I’d like to think so. Want to see what I’ve been rocking in real life while snow continues to bombard me? Ta da:


Behold: The Boston tundra.

Sweater: Simply Vera Vera Wang. Jeans: 7 For All Mankind. Boots: Hunter. Necklace: Forever 21. Sunglasses: Chloe. Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs (pre-MBMJ).

Yes, I do own the wider calf Hunter boots but not because I have wide calves, but because they allow me so much room to wear ALL OF THE SOCKS I WANT. I’m talking triple layers on some days. I like my boots to be comfortable and while these may slip off my foot completely when I’m walking downstairs only wearing thin tights, they’re perfect for these cold winter days. I highly recommend this version if you’re looking for a bit more room in your boot. Hunters can be tight sometimes and even buckle on your legs, which is never cute.


The “OMG COLD” pose.

Yeah, I’m going to be honest when I say I wasn’t even really trying to think of cool poses, all I cared about was getting my jacket on as fast as possible. But hey, I did just come from a really filling brunch, so all that could keep me warm, right? WRONG. It’s hard to create outfit ideas when it’s so cold out, because all you want to do is wear as many layers as possible. Oh well, I guess just know that my socks are layered.


Over it.

Aside from it being freezing, the silk cami makes for a great weekend staple. I can’t stop talking about how freaking comfortable it is, and it looks great with anything. The wool cardigan was the perfect layer when indoors, but when you’re outside – nothing helps at that point. Overall, I’d give this look an 8 – bonus points if I could show you the amount of winter accessories I had to strip off whenever I walked indoors. Would a silk cami make your weekend uniform?