Midweek Music: Rhye


Rhye produced one of the best albums of 2013, Woman. And they didn’t exactly go to great lengths to publicize it. To be honest, they didn’t have to – the album is that attractive. Despite minimal marketing efforts, Rhye is getting a lot of buzz in early 2014. If you’ve seen those sexy back photos at the counter of Starbucks recently – that’s the one.

Rhye’s lush, romantic sound is completely captivating. I’m not talking about cheesy Valentine’s day type romance. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But I’m talking about moving half way around the world to chase the person you love (as the band has some personal experience in this department) kind of romance. For a long time I didn’t even know if the lead vocalist was male or female. It was also really tough to even find pictures of this phantom singer because the fist single was anonymously released.

Woman is Rhye’s first album, so these early release singles were a total tease for months. The mystery revolving around the band drew up a ton of anticipation, and Woman was worth the wait.

Although they are a Los Angeles-based band, the duo didn’t start there. Milash, the lead vocalist, is Canadian and his cohort instrumentalist, Robin Hannibal, is Danish. Both musicians have strong electronic backgrounds, hits of which shine through at brief moments between classic instruments such as the cello and piano. It would seem these two are the ultimate combo, a peanut butter and chocolate of music the music world. THe best way I can describe

Full disclosure, this is not recommended for at office viewing. But okay, enough talking. Time to listen (and go home to watch):