Paris Fashion Week Got Sporty

I expected it during New York Fashion Week (FW), but Paris seems to be warming up to the athletic look too. According to the Paris Fashion Week Fall 2014 runways, sporty looks will transcend spring, and help bring in the fall as well.

I tend to be on the more feminine side when it comes to dress, so I haven’t been fully convinced by the baseball sleeves and track shoes thing. I can manage some of the polished sporty elements, like the tennis inspired Rag&Bone miracle sweater that everyone has been obsessing over. But at FW, some of these designers finally got me thinking it might really be possible to pull-off trainers with my workwear. If Karl Lagerfeld of Chanel says it’s alright, it must be fact. I’m can’t deny that my feet would be happier without my no-support ballets and healed boots.

Of course each designer took a particular spin on the trend.

Jill let us know that it’s acceptable to embrace the flat this year. Chanel took it even further, showing off all of their fancy footwork in sporty trainers. Sneakers carried models, including Cara Delevingne, through a vast Chanel supermarket. The trainers were on everyone, even in boot form.



But occasionally they started to look like grandma’s walking shoes…


A little borderline there, Chanel. But overall having a rest from runway heels was so refreshing! Fashion truly met functionality and reality there. See the full show here.

Miu Miu took to tops with athletic inspired jackets. These are much more daily fall. I want one for everything from a casual Saturday outfit to a chic office look. The shiny synthetic material is funky and light, while the wool versions could pass for more formal and buttoned-up. Oh, and I couldn’t help but notice how much red there was throughout FW! Just sayin’…. But back to the jackets. See the full runway here.




Dior seems inspired by the country club tennis outfit, with some fitted dressed that are vibrant on-the-go of looks. Like Miu Miu, Dior is using both the wool and the shiny material to create the sporty look. And maybe even a shoe lace. See the full show here.



Even Balmain had a hint of rugged athleticism going on with a gorgeous cinching fur and fabric mixed jacket:


See the full Balmain show here.

Do you think the sporty look can look chic? Do you think making it work in a real 20- or 30- something city girl’s closet could be successful?