Tred Tuesday: The Fancy Short

It’s week two of the “fancy” short. And I only love them more. Seeing red all over the Paris Fashion Week runways only further validated my unusually vibrant choice, and the red is here to stay through the fall. Time to embrace color.

Last week was all about making shorts – and noticeable ones at that – work for the office. This week I took a completely different turn and created a weekend outfit with my J. Crew pleated crepe shorts. The shorts are by nature a bit more formal because of the fabric. It’s more of pant suite material with a slight texture that doesn’t come across in photos very well. Typically cotton or jean shorts are the standard weekend casual, but the more sophisticated material actually added a lot to the outfit. I felt like I accomplished a young look that was is still chic and appropriate.

I wanted to tie in a little of the sporty trend, and a lot of comfortable. After investing in a new hat from the bookstore – you’ll understand my place of work oh so soon – and locating my favorite white v-neck, I able to construct my favorite new weekend look:

Amy 7

Did I go a little overboard on the American theme? Perhaps. A super fancy setting for a super fancy short? Absolutely. Admittedly these had to be taken before the time change and I needed some light! The obvious solution? The Fairmont Copley in Back Bay.The juxtaposition of the hotel’s opulent backdrop of marble, expensive rugs, chandeliers, gold accents, and artwork and my casual daytime outfit turned out to be more fun than anything.

Aside from my legs having moments of doubt during lingering breezes on my way over, but overall I was fine without stockings! Maybe spring really is coming. I know that the Duchess of Cambridge is all about the nude stocking, but I don’t need to be old fashioned or sit on any royal committees. And really, I think that nude sheers actually take away from the shorts.

Amy 8

Amy 13

The metallic rose gold worked surprisingly well with the crazy color. Even though the rose gold is a warm color too, my Rebecca Minkoff tote nicely contrasted the short’s texture and extremely matte quality. The metallics also added the right amount of chic, feminine accessorizing. Sicking with navy instead of black as the other grounding color was also vey helpful. Black creates a lot of drama – a little too much for such a casual theme. Adding white created a lot of contrast and understated color blocking.

Amy 14

Amy 4

Overall the shorts get a 9 for easy to wear in a casual setting. They  pair easily and bring some play to a weekend outfit. These shorts will undoubtably be the first item thrown into my Le Sport Sac weekender for warmer spring getaways. What do you think, are these a spring statement piece that could be that versatile in your wardrobe too?