Midweek Music: Caravan Palace

I’ve talked about Caravan Palace before, but only in snippets. As it turns out, Coachella was also onto them as a band for 2014, seeing how the band made the Friday lineup. They are coming all the way from their home-base of Paris to be a part of the sun-filled California festival – you wont want to miss this performance. Here’s why.


They are the only one creating this kind of music right now: French electro swing. It’s the kind of rhythm that is so dancable. This music encourages a transformative mood change. Suddenly everything is a little more curious, a little bit more French, inevitably more chic, and a lot happier. It’s the perfect party soundtrack. Caravan Palace’s lively jive mimics a dinner party conversation where there’s endless old fashions, champagne, so many wheels of cheese, and a fascinating cast of characters. It’s a refreshing sound that really deserves a listen. And a dance.

Of course if you are in Boston, you can always come swing with me at the Paradise on April 1 for a full set of fun (and a much more intimate setting than Coachella).