Trend Tuesday: You’re allowed to laugh at me pretending to be a student

Did you know that it’s still below freezing outside? For all of you in Paris, where spring is flourishing, or to anyone in Southern California, where spring and summer are the only real seasons, we are all cold here in New England. And it isn’t helping our already anxiety-driven, over-caffeinated selves. My patience is waning and my paleness is shameful.

Nonetheless, I will continue wearing shorts this March as I pretend that spring has sprung. This week is an exciting one as I’m channeling Jill by “dressing up for class.” This post if finally ready now that Jill is safely back from China and hopefully getting ready to write about some interesting trend discoveries abroad. And I’m sure that Jill is dying to get back to a traditional classroom.

I graduated from art school, so I wouldn’t say that I have ever been good at dressing up for class. As a Boston University (BU) student, I saw people who were truly GOOD at classwear while strutting down the Comm Ave runway. Let’s be honest though, overdressing in art school is the quintessential red flag signaling someone is trying too hard, and one CANNOT try too hard in art school. But I have since graduated and am of the belief that I only wear what makes me feel good that day. And here is my fantastically more “grown-up” style:


Coat: Zara, Belt: Madewell, T-Shirt: French Connection, Boots: Rebecca Minkoff, Purse: Zara, Scarf: Love Quotes, Cuff: J. Crew, Earrings & Hair Tie: Anthropologie (similar earringssimilar ties)

It feels amazing. I am still obsessing over my J. Crew fancy short. They are oh so comfortable. So now that I’ve gotten cozy with these bad boys, I’ve shifted my focus from the lack of length to the color. Inspired by Spring Fashion Week, I had a try out the red on red on red trend. I know that I missed Valentine’s day, but I loved wearing the look a month late.

So I went around my alma mater, feeling collegiate again and relishing in some school spirit. I realized later that I’m even in BU red. The photo above was taken in front of the BU Pub that is located in the basement of The Castle. That’s right – BU has a pub in a castle. I also roamed our College of Arts & Sciences for nostalgia sake. Yes, I even found the vintage lockers.



Miss those, anyone? On second thought, did anyone actually use those?? And clearly I needed that coffee… please excuse my tired squinty eyes.

Although I am the worst actress ever trying to faking as a college student – I didn’t even bring a backpack because I don’t own one – the outfit gets an 8 for wearability. It’s just dressy enough, and it definitely stands out with the blocks of bold color. Since I am not a student – and actively work to standout as staff at the University – I would even wear this outfit on casual Fridays when the weather actually warms up a bit.