Midweek Music: Zee Avi


It’s midweek music time! Because who doesn’t need a little something to get through Wednesdays?

We could say a lot of things about Malaysia right now, but let’s focus on one of their happy little gems today: Zee Avi. The Malaysian native singer-songwriter creates happy-inducing melodies. Zee Avi‘s soft vocals and ukulele create a harmonious marriage between Feist’s honest sound and Norah Jones’ casual but seductive voice. She’s signed Jack Johnson’s label, Brushfire Records, if that helps you understand her style.

Zee Avi’s beachy tunes have a jazzy twist too, and it’s quite possibly getting me in the spirit of spring a little pre-maturely (as seems to be the ongoing theme here). But it isn’t my fault that I start daydreaming on roofdecks and sangria when “Honey Bee” from her debut self-titled album comes on.

And she likes the Velvet Underground (VU), making her not only talented and cute, but kind of cool. A month ago she posted a great VU cover, “Who Loves the Sun,” to her Soundcloud account. We can only hope that she continues to build-up her non-album recordings here because these posts are already making my Zee Avi favorites list.

If you’re into it, she’ll have more for you this April on the new 9 track album Nighlight.

What does your spring soundtrack sound like?