Trend Tuesday: This is the Last Time I Freeze this March

This is my final March Trend Tuesday and let me tell you: Don’t go outside nearly naked. Fair warning, it is NOT warm out there. It’s just not worth it. Wait until you see my “hi are these photos over yet?” frozen smiles. I officially understand why Jill is always rushing photo time during winter.

But, enough complaining and onto the important stuff. How did the shorts fair for a night out ensemble? Well, it’s interesting when you live in the arctic doom that is New England. I knew that it was still cold, but I didn’t realize that with windchill Boston is still below freezing, so the outfit was tough. Although I ultimately liked the final product, I regret everything as my extremities are still recovering.

So here’s what all my whining is about:


Shorts: J. Crew, Jacket: Zara, Tank: H&M, Flats: Diane Von Furstenberg, Tights: Hue, Earrings: AD Jewelry, Gold bangle: LF Boutiques, Black wrap bracelet: J. Crew, Pendant necklace: Helen Ficalora, Bar necklace: Anthropologie (and now on sale!), Hair clip: vintage, Purse: MMS

I wanted a sportier jacket for a very spring look. I love wearing this Zara Basics wool jacket as a casual layer. Even though today I should have taken Jill’s sleeping bag Northface. Nonetheless, my sheer Hue tights they did a fair job at keeping me from freezing over.

To add dimension to the look I went crazy with jewelry, layering neckless and bracelets. I also opted for a sparkly dangle earring – much more bold than something that I choose regularly. And all of the gold matched my two-tone Diane Von Furstenberg (DVF) flats and gold studded cross body. The DVF gold and patent leather ballet helped to class up the outfit without compromising my comfort with heals. When I go out I don’t want to be the one with tired feet ready to end my night early. And they are oh so chic this year.


And then why not show some skin occasionally? I’m typically on the conservative side of dressing (wearing oversized blouses and sleeves), but sometimes it’s fun to surprise everyone in something outside of the standard. That being said, the H&M top is really fun for after work. But in the office you can throw a blazer on top and it’s suddenly incredibly classy office wear. Although you do need to get sneaky with your undergarments because of the low back and thin straps. Ladies, pro-tip, go for this Fashion Forms strapless and backless from Lord & Taylor. It’s surprisingly comfortable and takes a good amount of the risk out of backless.



That’s me feeling like a survivor. Overall, if you like a more polished look when you’re going out, these probably aren’t for you. So I would rate the shorts a 5 this round. For all of my more casual friends, I would recommend the shorts if you’re willing to put in some effort to layering and dressing them up. This particular pair is better suited for office and daytime, but if you’re up for the challenge they will work just fine.

So thanks for letting me crash this Trend Tuesday fun. I’m sure that I’ll be back here sometime soon, but you wont want to miss Jill’s grand return in April. I promise that you wont regret checking it out.