Trend Tuesday: Bringing Sexy Back One Strap At a Time…

After Amy was so nice to take over my post as resident Trend Tuesday guinea pig/person in charge of making an ass of herself in public for the sake of a few photos, I knew I had to make a triumphant return. I had a major challenge with this, I mean, Amy is pretty persuasive. I leave for a month and suddenly I’m old news. She wore those red shorts like a pro. I needed to go bold. I needed to go where no self-respecting 20-something had gone before (that’s a lie, everyone’s going there). I needed to mark my territory by basically peeing on this blog (ew…scratch that).

I knew what I had to do. It’s been on all of the major fashion blogs, the hipsters have been wearing it for at least two seasons and it finally got a spot on the shelves of Madewell. It was time, it’s officially a trend.

Ralph Lauren.

Ralph Lauren.


You heard right. Overalls. Prepare thyself for loads of puns (SPOILER ALERT: I’m going to work “over it!” into the conversation at least five times) because I’m bringing out the big pun guns (I suck, I know). I have to go home at some point this month and when I do I’ll pull a #ThrowbackThursday into my #TrendTuesday because I love #HashtagOverload…after all, I’m a social media strategist by day. I’ll find a photo of one of my awkward middle school years when I’m wearing overalls. My mom can probably better answer this than I can, but I’m pretty sure I had three pairs of overalls during my awkward pre-teen years. They were made of the following materials: corduroy, velvet and denim. Pair that with my tattoo necklace and silver lipstick and call me irresistible.

Overalls are a tricky business, they’re just so casual. However, I turned to my inspiration for all things uber fashion: the Man Repeller. Girl has been rocking these babies effortlessly since 2010 (at least on her blog), she even included them in the title of her first book, which is a hilarious read!

Man Repeller in overall action.

Man Repeller in overall action.

I wasn’t kidding with the overall puns. Anyway, I knew for this to work, the fit was crucial. Overalls are meant to be baggy and apparently unflattering on your FUPA area. I’m not just saying that because I’m being the typical “oh my god my FUPA is OOC,” the overalls and the FUPA will never be friends. Case in point, skinny minnie Keira Knightley:

Overalls-and-Overall-Shorts-16Keira Knightley typically looks like she needs a sandwich, but thanks to the general roominess and odd nip at the waist of overalls, she looks like a normal skinny person. Overalls are not what you want to wear when practicing the art of seduction. In fact, they’re very much made for the daring “I don’t give a fuck” fashion friend, not the “dress to impress on a Friday night” crowd. Case in point: Jon HATES these things. Three of my girlfriends, on the other hand, asked me where I found them.

Well wait no longer ladies, these overalls can be yours for the very reasonable price of $69 (chill. Sorry. Had to.) at your local Urban Outfitters:

BDG Denim Overall.

BDG Denim Overall.

I don’t know if I mentioned this, but I did the unthinkable and gave up online shopping for Lent. You’d be surprised by how full my wallet is (you’re actually probably not that surprised). This made finding the perfect overalls particularly tricky. You see, I originally had my eye on a pair from Free People that was a darker wash and slightly slimmer cut. Unforch, they only had my size available online and my only options in the store were two sizes too big or two sizes too small (talk about a hipster Goldilocks conundrum!) After spending much of the day scouring Newbury Street with Amy, we found a lot of options but no real winners (Madewell’s didn’t meet the $100 budget, Forever 21’s fit was awful) until we set foot in Urban Outfitters (which, in hindsight, should have been our first stop).

Like I said earlier, go big or go home and apparently I’m here to stay because these aren’t just overalls, they’re OVERALLS. I’m talking light wash, baggy with JNCO JEANS-like pockets in the back. Oh yeah, this is going to be big.

I decided to give these babies a test run at school since I didn’t have any presentations that I needed to dress up for and wanted to be comfortable in class. A safe first move if I do say so myself.

Oh, best part about returning after a month hiatus? SPRING HAS SPRUNG!


So cas.

Tee: Madewell. Purse: Longchamp (Limited Edition). Shoes: Dolce Vita (sold out). Necklace: Lulu Frost x J. Crew (sold out). Earrings: C. Wonder. Sunglasses: Chloe.

You’ll notice my trusty Madewell backpack isn’t making an appearance. I accidentally spilled on it and it’s being cared for at the Femme Fatales’ trusty leather guy. Here’s hoping it pulls through. I knew when I was envisioning this outfit that I wanted to keep it pretty casual but with some POCs (pops of color, if you didn’t watch It’s a Brad, Brad World). Ever since I purchased this statement necklace from J. Crew I’ve been trying to wear it as much as possible because 1) it was hella expensive 2) I’m obsessed with it and 3) it gives my neck/shoulders a great workout. Now I know what Flava Flav feels like.


I can’t even with the back pockets…

Now the shoes…do yourself a favor and NEVER BUY THEM. I don’t even want to show you what my feet look like right now, but let’s just say they’re pretty mangled. They’re so cute and I can’t help but grin and bear it and wear them because apparently I’m a huge masochist when it comes to fashion…but OH MY GOD OW.

Even though that photo is a clearly staged over-the-shoulder shot, I just had to show you the back pockets. I wasn’t kidding when I said JNCO Jeans. These are boyfriend jeans at their finest (as in, your 90s boyfriend jeans). They even have one of those little loop things where I guess you could hook your keys or something (does anyone know the use of this? I’m just taking a stab in the dark).



So basically, my outfit says “I’m so cas,” (read “cas” like the abbreviation to “casual”) while my accessories say “SPRING IS HERE TO STAY!” I’m so intrigued as to what this month holds in store with these overalls. They are wicked comfortable, though, so it’s not like I’m torturing myself. Overall (LOL!!!!), I’d give this look a 6 to pull off. It takes some serious courage to rock overalls in public, but I have a feeling it’s going to catch on quickly (mainly because of this blog and not, you know, the fact that every store is carrying them). I must admit, I kind of eased my way into it with the school outfit, since I can get away with dressing down as long as I’m not in sweatpants. But what about for work? Or going out? Yikes. I’m never one to walk away from a challenge, so I say bring it. As for now, I will officially declare April the month I don’t give a fashionable fuck: