It’s that time of year again: Coachella 2014

And the journey begins tomorrow! Just as Jill goes to China to gain cultural understanding and world experiences, I travel to Coachella. Same thing, right? Okay so climbing the Great Wall and riding a ferris wheel in the middle of a desert while wearing a flower crown aren’t exactly parallels. But I do think that I have a point with the cultural understanding. It’s a different world in this valley surrounded by purple mountains and palms, especially while living a New England lifestyle and enduring a brutal winter.

Despite my paleness, I buy loads of sunscreen and fully embrace three days of music, dancing and friends. The lineup is fantastic and the set times were announced a few days ago. My must see list includes Arcade Fire, OutKast, Lorde, Haim, MS MR, Ellie Goulding, Girl Talk, Chvrches, Caravan Palace, Aloe Blacc, Chromeo, Banks, Solange, Disclosure, Lana Del Rey, The 1975, Neutral Milk Hotel, Blood Orange, and so so many more.

The weekend is also labeled as my annual sister retreat, and now it’s a must attend the festival each year. Lucky for me, she and I are cut from the same cloth, and equally obsessed with music and bands (and forecast?). The event is known for just that too, having both a high caliber dress code, and the hottest music. Coachella is a unique festival, with tons of incognito celebs, hip brands doing cool marketing campaigns and throwing stylish mid-desert pool parties, free popsicle stands, DJ huts, and heaps of entirely carefree adults, playing dress-up and throwing shoeless dance parties.

Needless to say, dressing up for Coachella is an event in itself. Playing dress-up really is the most accurate description. We’ve all been planning for weeks, sending photos back and forth, scouting the most dance-friendly, heat tolerable, fashionable forward, affordable pieces out there. Because as much as I love Coachella, I refuse to buy things that can’t be repurposed after the weekend.

As a veteran attendee, I have a few non-negotiables when constructing my weekend look.

1. One must have shorts.
Dancing in cute summer dresses might work on a normal Saturday night out, but it’s NO FUN HERE. It’s difficult to successfully dance, sit on the ground, and do cartwheels in these dresses. Maybe if you wear some spandex shorts underneath, but honestly, it’s not worth trying to make those little cute dresses work. Just leave them behind and accept the defeat.

I must be able to pull-off the outfit with a hat! I know, I’m way more pale than most there, but you’ve got to protect your skin! And if you’re thinking, “Well I don’t look good in hats,” you are wrong. You are just trying on the wrong hat. There are too many hats out there to think that you can’t find one with a nice brim that suits you.

3. Forgiving fabric.
Getting stuck in a clingy synthetic fabric that has no give gets so uncomfortable after 5 hours, and there are still 8 more hours to go! Wear a fabric that will be comfortable all day in some crazy heat!

4. Tan Lines Are No. Joke.
I try to avoid sleeves that will leaving me looking like a farmer, no matter how many times I reapply that SPF. I also avoid the mid-calf spandex pants. While comfortable and cute with a sleeveless tunic, you will end up with half of a tan calf. And that’s a long recovery process, needless to say just embarrassing when trying to wear a dress to work the week after.

Now, with all of that in mind, I have constructed three days worth of festival outfits that are packed and ready to go!!! As soon as Rachel gets out of her last mid-term this evening. I’ll be sure to share some of her outfits later next week, as she’s got a slightly different aesthetic, seamlessly pairing Unif, American Apparel, Luna B, and Nasty Gal.

So without making you wait any longer, here’s what I plan on wearing this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

photo 1


Shorts: Free People, Tank: Urban Outfitters, Hat: Pins and Needles, Sandals: See by Chloe, Purse: Zara, Sunnies: Gap

photo 2

Shorts: LF Boutiques, Tank: American Apparel, Gold Bra: American Apparel, Sandals: Cambell, Purse: MMS, Sunnies: YSL, Flower Crown: vintage, from my childhood, Water bottle (100% necessary!): Sigg

photo 3

Romper: DV by Dolce Vita, Belt: Vintage riding belt, Tribal Headband: Free People, Sandals: (my well worn) Rainbow Sandals, Purse: Zara (repeat), Gold Accessories: Nordstrom

What does your festival wear look like this year? What are your non-negotiables?

Hope to see you in the desert very soon! Otherwise I’ll be posting regularly to instagram.