Midweek Music: Solange

Yes, I was in the presence of Beyonce while at Coachella weekend one!!! Bey did a surprise appearance at the end of Solange’s Saturday act. And I was close enough to the stage to see everything! Yes, we talk a lot about Beyonce here, and we too often neglect to talk about the other Knowles girls. Namely Byonce’s amazing younger sister, Solange.

As it would seem, Solange is one of those people who gets to live two completely different lives. The first being where she marries young, lives in Idaho, and has a son. Her second coming begins in 2007 when she divorces David, moves to Los Angeles, continues writing music, and becomes a famous solo artist. #Casual. Part one sound too far-fetched? Well this exists on the internet:


Or was this actually 90’s prom night?

Beyonce of course still manages to look stunning while wearing a shiny,unforgiving satin, long prom dress. But back to Solange! (I can only image that’s the story of her life.. but back to Solange.) Even while living the married life, she was writing music for Destiny’s Child and other, while occasionally taking on minor acting roles (she was in Bring It On!).

Not letting the Idaho days set her back, Solange’s life changed dramatically, and fast. She even started her own record label that was used to release her 2012 album, “True.”

Which is what we need to talk about next. But, there’s no avoiding comparing Solange and Beyonce, so let’s get that out of the way first. If her older sister is Queen of pop, I only hope that Solange is Princess of soul R&B, because this woman exudes equal strength, perseverance, talent, and beauty. Of course those are the exact traits of the Knowles that we love. But Solange has a uniquely naive differentiator.

Fashion wise, they both have it right. Solange’s sense of style reminds me of M.I.A.‘s, with crazy patterns, uncontrollable hair, and loads of color, with a touch more sophistication (sorry M.I.A.). The prints might be funky, but the cuts are far less bohemian than Beyonce’s looks. Her name is out there in the fashion world as a style icon, known for being seen in Philip Lim, Etro, Chanel, Noon by Noor, and Alexander McQueen.


Now, the music. Solange’s sound also differs from her older sis. Beyonce is more radio pop. Nothing wrong with that, we all loved Beyonce’s Destiny’s Child roots. And Beyonce. But Solange’s love for Motown and soul are evident in the music she creates. These influences add depth and warmth in the album “True.” The album is emotional, graceful, and reflective. Subtle is the right word to use. A little different from “if you like then you should’a put a ring on it.” It’s a short album, only 7 tracks long. But songs like “Losing You” and “Lovers in the Parking Lot” are good places to start.

So take a listen, I think you’ll be impressed with Solange’s clear sound. And take a style tip or two from the adventurous dresser. She wont steer you wrong. I’m just waiting for her to share all of her skincare secrets.