Trend Tuesday: A Smoking New Trend

First off, I’m not due to write about the Met Ball until Thursday and it’s killinggggg me. Secondly, I am recovering from the M.I.A. concert last night (a great way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, if you ask me) so I am moving at a snail’s pace this morning. Bear with me on all accounts. Anyway, the month of overalls is over and Amy has lost her Birkenstock protests. I DID decide I wanted to wear shoes this month, though, seeing as I haven’t since last June during gladiator sandals month. Why not revisit nearly a year later? No, not doing Birkenstocks, no, not doing those thigh-high gladiator sandals (I seriously wish they’d go back to the BC times where they belong). Instead, I chose a shoe that’s been around since winter, though I’ve been afraid to test out the style given the below freezing temperatures and snow every other week. But now that it’s officially May I believe the days of snow are behind us. After all, Massachusetts is known for its unpredictable weather but snow at this point would be practically unheard of.

Behold: the smoking slipper:

Gap Metallic Scrunch Leather Loafer.

Gap Metallic Scrunch Leather Loafer.

With my $100 limit, this left Stubbs and Wooton (the standard in smoking slippers) out of the running, but I was able to find this cute version at the Gap for – get this – $24. I loved the idea so much I also bought the exact same shoes in rose gold (because I have a problem) and used some leftover Gap rewards points. This means when all was said and done, I spent $40 (including shipping) total on two pairs of shoes, which I think is some kind of record for me. Aside from the Old Navy flip flop sale, that record will never be defeated.

I’ve been seeing these style shoes pop up everywhere from celebrities on errands to fashion magazines giving tutorials on how to wear them. I decided to take my own spin on it and thought there would be no better time to debut than at fancy brunch with my friends. Fun fact: spring semester is over so that means my next couple of weekends are stress-free and filled with spicy Bloody Marys, which is my kind of party.

Being that spring is officially here (even though it dropped 10 degrees in the hours I was out), I decided to fully embrace it and went full-on New England prep. I like to think that despite owning a wardrobe composed of mostly J. Crew with some sprinklings of Madewell and Marc Jacobs, I’m not super preppy. I also walked into an American Apparel this weekend and decried my hipster phase to be completely over, so who knows.

I channeled my preppy ladies who brunch mentality and dove right into my closet for quite possibly the most stereotypical New England attire I could find:

My shoes blend into my skin...

My shoes blend into my skin…

Sweater: J. Crew Factory. Shirt: J. Crew. Jeans: Abercrombie. Bracelets: J. Crew. Bag: Rebecca Minkoff. Sunglasses: Alexander McQueen.

Oh, you read that right: I’m wearing Abercrombie jeans. FROM HIGH SCHOOL. And they’re too big (win). Even though I’m kind of what some people would refer to as “a borderline hoarder,” I’m actually pretty good about getting rid of clothes. If only for the fact that getting rid of them means I can fit new ones in my closet/dresser/hamper/whatever. Twice a year I do a major purge that has seen the likes of Juicy Couture sweatpants, trucker hats (WOOF) and general last-season attire. These jeans have made the cut every single time because they’re so worn in and comfortable that I can’t bear to be apart from them. That and they’re legit the perfect cut for “boyfriend jeans.” Looking back I feel bad about all the times I dragged my poor mother into Abercrombie’s dark, heavily-scented store with its blasting music, but these jeans make it semi-worth it. They’re also my last remaining artifacts from high school other than my school sweatshirts/pants from field hockey.

You’ll have to forgive the hair, it was super windy on Sunday and it didn’t make for a great hair day, except for this hilarious shot:

Model status.

Model status.

The shoes are SO comfortable. As someone whose shoe collection is about 40% ballet flats, this style was a no-brainer. Typically, smoking slippers are very structured, but these ones have the feel of ballet flats. It may be uncomfortable for some people to walk around for extended periods of time with little support, but I’ve gotten used to it. Don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll be paying for it in like 10 years when my feet finally give out.


I love the idea of the smoking slipper, I think it goes as perfectly with cuffed jeans as it does a dress and skirt. Plus, the metallic (also a huge trend right now) gives it a little something extra. For a day out brunching, I’d give these shoes a 10. They instantly dress up an outfit, they’re practical and they’re just so SO comfortable. Now if only it would stop raining every other day I could fully enjoy them. What do you think of the smoking slipper trend?