We Need to Talk About Jessica…

Jessica Alba is quite possibly one of the most well-dressed people in Hollywood. Sure, she’s not that great of an actress, but I think she’s truly mastered the art of casual dressing. What I find most interesting: she’s at her best when just in her everyday clothes or at a semi-formal outfit. Maybe I’m just thinking that because I wasn’t super crazy about her Met Gala look, but even with that one misstep there are plenty of outfits to choose from. And in fairness, it was really her makeup that bothered me the most.

Anyway, all of that went out the window when I saw Jessica at a Mother’s Day luncheon in this gorgeous Mary Katrantzou dress, and I decided that she had to be part of my next installment of “We Need to Talk About…” Even though I’ve been updating it sporadically thanks to all these red carpet events that have been happening over the weekend (not that I’m complaining…)


I love, love, LOVE this metallic leopard print dress. Normally when you hear metallic leopard print, you immediately think tacky…Yet this look is so fabulous. I actually don’t even mind the white shoes, I feel like if she had gone completely metallic with her accessories it would have been a bit much. Kudos for also keeping her hair down for an overall unfussy look.

Jessica Alba in a Kenzo skirt and Piece D’anarchive top.

Jessica Alba in a Kenzo skirt and Piece D’anarchive top.

I already talked about this outfit at the MTV Movie Awards but it needs to be talked about again because it’s just too good. Jessica is 33 and she wears this crop top better than like, 90% of the 21-year-olds out there. All solids and then printed shoes? Perfection. The skirt is the one pop of color while everything else is monochromatic, and yet it looks perfect.

Wearing Wayf pants.

Wearing Wayf pants.

I’m sorry but who else could pull off printed, skinny pajama pants? Very few people. While all pieces of the ensemble have elements of black, Alba is a master of incorporating light and dark shades. As shown: pale colored pants with a taupe bag. All balanced out by black flats and a heavy black leather jacket. Perfect for running around Los Angeles.


This is how I want to do lazy airport style. I typically fail and look like some sort of clown. I think it’s because I’m not a hat person. Anyway, the giant Saint Laurent tote is what seals the entire deal for me – and I’m a sucker for a coordinated scarf. Normally I hate when people wear elaborate hats indoors (except when going to a British wedding) but being that she’s a celebrity and trying to keep a low profile I’ll let it slide.

jessica-alba-290 (2)

YASSSSSSS, Girl. YASSSSSSSS. Are those chrome heels I see? I honestly can’t tell. This is what I mean about mixing lights and darks like a pro, she’s all summer on top and winter on bottom. Yet I think the black pants go with this outfit so much better than jeans ever would. Another plus? Those adorable statement sunglasses. Something very few people can pull off without looking like an idiot.

So there you have it, my style crush of the week. Are you feeling Jessica’s looks lately?