Trend Tuesday: When It Rains, It Pours (And Ruins Your Outfit)

I head back to school on Thursday for summer semester (hooray…), and after that I am jam-packed in schedule hell from now until…late June. Woof. However, I’ve been making a point of trying to see as many friends as possible and fill up whatever gaps I have in my already crazy calendar. I know, I’m like super popular. But seriously, what is it about summer that all of a sudden, everyone comes out to play? The weather, probably. Except when it bites you in the ass.

Flashback to Saturday night: Here I am on Newbury Street, standing in Anthropologie with an expensive white dress in hand waiting at the checkout line. Do I need this dress? Absolutely not, but I’m heading out for my best friend’s birthday and I discovered that it was wayyy too humid for jeans, a sleeveless top and a jacket. Sure, I could have taken the jacket off, but then…

All hell breaks loose and I hear a giant crack of thunder. I decide it’s best to throw said expensive white dress back on the rack and run into the street in hopes of getting a cab. Bad move on my part, because the next thing I know, it starts raining. Not raining, monsooning. It was like Noah’s Ark was back to haunt everyone who refused to see the feature film last month.

I see the bus pulling up to the curb a couple streets away and sprint in the pouring rain to catch it, only to have the bus driver look directly at me, shut the doors and drive away by the time I’m a mere 10 feet away. OH THANKS. My bag carrying a bunch of outfit ideas for my friend to wear breaks due to the rain and clothes go everywhere. Finally find a cab and basically follow the evil bus driver the entire way to South Boston glaring at her.

I spent the rest of the night soaked, but at least it stopped raining by the time I went out – that’s something, right? I’m trying something new where I do one outfit shot and then some closeups for key pieces. Let’s see how this goes over.



Post-rain, pants still wet.

Jeans: 7 for all Mankind. Top: Elizabeth & James. Clutch: York Design Co. Necklace: J. Crew Factory. Sunglasses: Chloe.

You should always wear a flowy, trapeze-like shirt when it’s windy, it makes your figure look great. Not really, I feel like Superman and not in a good way. Now that spring is actually here, I’ve been sticking to skinny jeans and tops as my go-to ensemble for a night out. I can’t wait for a few more weeks when I can wear a dress at night and not feel like I’m going to get hypothermia. I still felt like I was going to get hypothermia thanks to the soaking wet jeans, but you get the idea.



I chose the shirt because it has little hints of gold, perfectly matching the shoes. Have to say, I won’t be wearing these flats again for a few days because they need to completely dry. Not surprisingly, they aren’t waterproof. Then again, it’s not like I’d wear rainboots to a bar so I guess I just have to suck it up. Aside from the inclement weather, these shoes perfectly dress up any outfit. They’re casual, but still have a hint of jazziness thanks to the metallic.


Because the statement necklace is just too good.

I’m never a fan of close-ups, but it’d be weird to do just my chest. I just really wanted to showcase the amazingness of the statement necklace. Found this baby on J. Crew Factory and scooped it right away. Good thing, too, because now it’s sold out. Trust me when I say it’s fabulous.

I’d highly recommend buying these shoes for a night out. You get to feel dressy without the heels. As I mentioned last week, I also bought these in rose gold and I’m definitely planning on adding them to the rotation – perhaps I’ll even feature them in a future blog post. They’re a 10 for 10 in easiness to pull off (and on sale) so I have no idea what you’re waiting for.