Trend Tuesday: Can’t Ya Taste This Gold?

And so we come to the close of another trend…the work trend. Now that it’s spring time (the term is used loosely since I live in Boston and it’s currently 60 degrees outside). However, the cold weather plays into my favor because that means it’s not exactly sandal season yet, and I can get away with wearing closed-toed loafers without having my feet sweat (a benefit to myself and everyone around me).

Last week, I wanted to show off the exact same shoe I bought in rose gold (that we later determined was just a really light gold and not so rosy), but for the last installment of the May trend I thought it would be best to bring it all together and close out with the yellow gold. Even though we just had Memorial Day Weekend (hope you enjoyed yourselves!) I still find myself shivering and opting for a coat. Fun fact: I was in New Jersey and the last two days it was in the 80s and sunny. Came back to overcast New England. Ahhhh. I’m also slightly mad I missed out on the opportunity to post about the #Kimye (hashtag necessary) wedding on Monday, but I’ll live because it means less time staring at my computer in favor of having real, human interaction.

Anyway, back to the workweek. Because it’s officially the kickoff to summer (cold temperatures and all), I was feeling a bit nautical. I also wanted to really show off the gold shoes by choosing other gold accessories.


Clenched body = freezing.

Pants: J. Crew. Shirt: J. Crew. Necklace: Express. Earrings: C. Wonder.

I’m struggling to get back from vacation mode and the laziness that comes with it. Not that I was lazy this weekend, but maybe all my productivity made me lazy? In any case, I was so lazy today that I could only muster one photo. That, and this was the only way you could see a hint of gold in the shoes. That is my one complaint – the metallic does not allow for easy photography. In fact, you’re buying these for the sole purpose of blogging about them, I’d highly suggest a slightly darker tone.

I’m kind of at a loss for what to wear next month. Here’s hoping that we finally get the 75+ temperatures we’ve been dreaming about, but I guess I’ll need to choose something that can be worn in multiple kinds of weather.

So, what do you think – are you convinced on the metallic smoking slipper?