Monthly Archive: June, 2014

We Need To Talk About Beyonce…

Just so you know, this week is Beyonce week. I’ll be attending her and Jay’s “On the Run” tour tomorrow night, Amy’s in Paris, it just feels right. With the exception of tomorrow’s… Continue reading

In Defense Of The Lace-Up Heel…

Look, I’ve spent the last few Thursdays just knocking trends I hate: crop tops, Birkenstocks and a whole lot of other stuff. However, to prevent myself from becoming even more of a grouch… Continue reading

Trend Tuesday: It’s time to say goodbye to the flower crown.

Thanks to the passing of the summer solstice, and the lovely Swedes who jumped like frogs around the May Poles, we can officially proclaim that summer is here. Spring has been chillier than anticipated in… Continue reading

We Need To Talk About Diane…

I have to admit, I had kind of forgotten about this style star for a bit, but then she came right to the forefront last week with her appearance at the Critics’ Choice… Continue reading

Friday Finds: BucketFeet

So, as much as I would love to rock this Friday Find, I haven’t actually bit the bullet yet because unfortunately I cannot wear it to work. That’s not to say it wouldn’t… Continue reading

Better Get Naked, Because Summer Fashion Is Ugly

Last week I went on a crusade against crop tops because I’m a selfish human who enjoys burgers and fries and is lucky if she makes it to spin class twice a week.… Continue reading

The Real Trend Tuesday: How to wear a flower crown out

Again, my apologies for missing the Trend Tuesday on Tuesday. But things are back on track and I have the third flower crown trend style for you this June. Although I do love how Lana… Continue reading

Tuesday Tunes: Ultraviolence by Lana Del Rey

I got all ready this morning, put on my dress, had just the right clutch, and strapped into my sandals for the flower crown “going out” outfit, and realized that I had misplaced… Continue reading

We Need To Talk About Victoria…

I’ve talked about my love of anything Victoria Beckham does before…in my opinion, David’s got nothing on her. She was always my favorite Spice Girl (I was even her for Halloween one year… Continue reading

Dear Crop Tops: Why?

Trends pretty much come and go (that’s why they’re called trends, after all), but there are always some that stay around a little past their prime. Case in point: crop tops.  When these… Continue reading