Trend Tuesday: Is it okay to wear a flower crown into the office? You tell me.

Somehow I got roped into doing a second Trend Tuesday (TT). And I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the trend is the flower crown. After trying to convince Jill that the specific crown she found while we were out shopping was inadequate, I suggested we look into a specialist, and that was kind of the end of it, and the beginning of my second TT.

Perhaps it was my pretentious outlook on flower crowns, my Coachella experience, my native Southern Californian heritage, all of those Swedish Midsummers that I cannot miss, or just that I know a few too many people who have direct links to crown makers, but here I am for June’s flower crown trend.

These whimsical crowns are everywhere recently, and not just at festivals! As much as I love seeing the festival variety, it’s been refreshing to see them popping up in street styles and on the red carpet. My inspiration for this my week one outfit was Kristen Dunst at The 65th Cannes Film Festival.

"On The Road" Photocall - 65th Annual Cannes Film Festival

She managed to make a flower crown look fashionable and more polished than the oversized florals that take up most of Lana del Ray’s head. Although I’m not going on any red carpets this week, I am going to work and need to be put together, and look like I take my job seriously. With work being only one of four occasions I’ll be wearing this crown, I chose a crown with small-medium sized flowers to adapt more easily to all types of events.

That’s when it was time to consult my expert, Crowned! I love her hand crafted floral headbands that range drastically in shape and size, depending on your needs. Crowned can make your headband to order so that it’s perfectly suited to your personality and style. The florals are way higher quality than the ones I’ve been finding at retailers. My favorite part if the gold wiring that adds a pretty glimmer through the florals.


Now the challenge stood, how was I going to wear this to work of all places? I kept banking on the fact that I have a creative profession. It’s known fact that whenever I have crazy outfits, it’s chalked up to my “creative side.” That side seems to be discussed a lot recently.

To pull of the whimsical crown, I balanced the playfulness of the floral headpiece with a tidy, professional business casual outfit. First and foremost, I avoided a dress to mitigate any flower child comments (although this didn’t work). Second, I made sure to wear a blazer. The blazer helped add some much needed clean lines. Next, I kept to lighter spring tones. I decided on a flowy embroidered silk blouse, a structured floral tote to hold all of my things for the day, basic chunky heels, and neutral pants.


 Blazer: J. Crew, Blouse: BCBG, Purse: Oscar de la Renta for Target, Shoes: MRKT, Pants: H&M, Watch: Etsy

But quite possibly the most important aspect of the look is my hair. I knew that wearing my hair down with the crown would be far too casual for a work setting. So naturally I consulted Pinterest. To strike the right balance I found a style that was: 1. easy to execute (note: hair is NOT my talent), 2. a non-prom updo, 3. country inspired. I found a gorgeous casual updo that perfectly fit the business casual outfit that I was going for, and it got me veering my from standard ballerina bun. Although it didn’t turn out exactly like the picture, I think that some semblance of romantic goodness came from my experimentation. If you like the look, it’s fairly simple for the novice DIY hair dresser. Give it a whirl, it’s bound to turn out as good (or better) than mine!


This look works with or without the crown, and was a nice departure from what I typically choose. The embroidery top helped a lot, alleviating some attention form the crown so that the look flowed together more seamlessly. The soft neutrals worked perfectly for spring, and I mostly felt professional. Until I got into my office and noticed that the flower crown wasn’t going to fly, and all I was going to feel was that I should be at swanky garden party, or after work summer event, or anywhere but work.



Although it was fun pulling together a more sophisticated look with he crown, I don’t think that I’ll attempt to wear a flower crown of this size in the office again. It needs to go down about three sizes in flower scale, and flow more seamlessly so that it feels like an embellished headband. I the ease of sporting flower crowns in the work place a rating of 5. When dealing with a piece that has so much implied, you need to be even more thoughtful about selections that normally. It’s tough to make these crowns work for business, and I looking forward to testing the flower crown waters three more times this month.

Do you think that flower crowns are appropriate for the office? How would you match the florals to a professional setting?