Trend Tuesday: Jill and I just living the Anthropologie dream.



If you read-up on last week’s crowning, you know that Jill actually chose June’s Trend Tuesday (TT) flower crown. Luckily my blog partner in crime hasn’t left me out to dry after having me take the reigns. She’s made a surprise appearance, and helped me out for TT’s weekend look! This marks our first ever Trend Tuesday tag team (aw).

Last week the crown came to work with me, and it wasn’t the most seamless execution. But this week I felt hopeful, focusing on a weekend look that could last from Saturday brunch to evening cocktails. When it comes to prepping for an entire day out, I have a very specific rule: my hair needs to be WAY out of my way. Otherwise I end up with a long tangled mane, and feeling like a wet dog at dinner.

My specific hair criteria coupled with a crown sparked the perfect opportunity for a little bit of fun. We decided to coordinate our crowns with perfectly casual, romantic braids. That’s right, I’m talking about what all of your Anthropologie dreams are made of. Braids keep getting more popular, and they definitely add some whimsy to a look that’s suited just right for a flower crown.

As I explained last week, I am essentially hair illiterate. So I was forced to outsource. Luckily I know hair extraordinaire, Paris, who made our dreams of living in an Anthro garden party catalog come true. She came up with these gorgeous creations that look so cute with our floral headbands. Jill’s waterfall french braid added texture while still allowing her hair to be down, and my french and fishtail combo properly tied up all of my loose ends.


I’m completely addicted to the braid now. Don’t worry, I’m going to start slipping hints (count this as the first) that she could be YouTube famous with a braid tutorial channel. The hair matched out looks seamlessly, and really polished off our outfits.

Before getting my hair done, I had to choose my clothing. Without thinking I found something very feminine and easy to wear during the day with enough substance for a casual evening. All my daintiest pieces are coming out this month, and today might have been the height. I stuck to soft, scalloped edges, neutral tones, and natural fabrics. My best matched item by far was the super thin, high collar, three quarter length Lauren Moffatt blouse. The regal collar played off of my floral crown, and added a bit of needed sophistication to the outfit.

unnamed-4Blouse: Lauren Moffatt, Skirt: Corey Lynn Calter, Sandals: See by Chloe, Tote: Borough Market, Flower Crown: Crowned, Hair by Paris

Jill got her crown at H&M during our routine Saturday shopping day. They have tons of fun affordable crowns. If you want to try out the look but you’re not ready to invest yet, testing one of these out isn’t the worst idea. Her headband worked so well with her outfit, seemed really comfortable with an elastic backing, and the flowers weren’t overly intrusive (just the right flower size).

My crown remains comfortable to wear too. Maybe even too comfortable. I forgot that I even had the crown on until someone mentioned the flowers in my hair (cue theme song “Flowers in Your Hair“).

This week I learned that wearing a flower crown around town during the weekend is MUCH easier than wearing a crown to work. No surprises there. The wearability of the weekender crown receives a 6.5. It’s not necessarily easy breezy. I still put in a fair amount of effort to make this look come to together (I even got my hair done!), but it’s also so natural and comfortable.

We took plenty of photos this weekend, so here are a few of the outtakes: