Tuesday Tunes: Ultraviolence by Lana Del Rey

I got all ready this morning, put on my dress, had just the right clutch, and strapped into my sandals for the flower crown “going out” outfit, and realized that I had misplaced my precious item. Don’t worry, the flower crown has been located, but I didn’t have time for pictures. So we are doing the old switcheroo, and swapping Trend Tuesday and Midweek Music this week. And I want to talk about the flower crown queen herself: Lana Del Rey.





The woman who sang at Kimye’s rehearsal dinner in France for free also tends to wear these ridiculously large flowers in her hair. She would have been the It Girl during 1960’s America. And this flower child sang at the rehearsal for free. Let’s just hope that Kimye managed to pay for her flight at least?

Lana Del Rey not only looks like she’s from a different time, but her music projects the same “of another era” essence. The mix of musky mellow rock, pop melodies and bluesy intervals come together in her new album, Ultraviolence. This album finally shows off everything Lana Del Rey has been trying to accomplish. That could also be in part credit to the Black Keys frontman, Dan Auerbach, who largely produced the album.

The album really is as sad as the title, Ultraviolence, lets on. She continues to explore the lines between love and violent behavior. It absolutely fits right in with her singles “Young and Beautiful’ that was created for the Gatsby album, and “Summertime Sadness.” Somehow she draws us into these melancholy tunes with honesty, sarcasm, and total and complete heartbreak. If you’ve been tracking this girl, you’ll be impressed by her sound evolution. Give it a listen and get ready for tomorrow’s Trend Tuesday!