Friday Finds: BucketFeet

So, as much as I would love to rock this Friday Find, I haven’t actually bit the bullet yet because unfortunately I cannot wear it to work. That’s not to say it wouldn’t make for great commuting footwear, but it’s summer and all I want to do is wear sandals. Mark my words: I’ll be rocking these come fall.

I learned about BucketFeet from one of my school friends, Jill K. (initials are crucial), who has been wearing some pretty awesome sneakers as of late. She’s also studying the brand for one of our classes so I’ve gotten to learn more about it. Basically: Jills are boss. Anyway, BucketFeet began in 2011 and has since blossomed into this awesome movement. It pairs up with artists, allowing them to express their creativity through footwear. Artists come from all over the world and I think it’s so cool that this brand is encouraging creativity through fashion, which many people forget about when they think about “fashion.” The company offers footwear for men, women and children, as well as some really fun socks and general memorabilia.

I feel like these kinds of sneakers are so in right now. Kate Spade is collaborating with Keds. J. Crew is collaborating with Vans. But these shoes mean something. They’re – literally and figuratively – a work of art. I guarantee your feet will get noticed if you wear one of these styles. Here are some of my favorites:

Persia - designed in Tehran, Iran. $68.

Persia – designed in Tehran, Iran. $68.

Archer - made in Los Angeles, California. $68.

Archer – designed in Los Angeles, California. $68.

Bad Panda made in Miami, Florida. $68.

Bad Panda – designed in Miami, Florida. $68.

Barca - designed in Barcelona, Spain. $68.

Barca – designed in Barcelona, Spain. $68.

Apsara - designed in Phnom Phen,Cambodia. $68.

Apsara – designed in Phnom Phen,Cambodia. $68.

What do you think about BucketFeet? I’m so in love with this concept!