Trend Tuesday: It’s time to say goodbye to the flower crown.

Thanks to the passing of the summer solstice, and the lovely Swedes who jumped like frogs around the May Poles, we can officially proclaim that summer is here. Spring has been chillier than anticipated in New England and I impatiently continue to wait for the day I can ditch my jacket. Also with the passing of spring I have my final week of summer class and my last Trend Tuesday (TT) with the flower crown.

That means it’s time to wear this little dainty thing to class, that being my final design critique. Will it help me, or hurt me? Who’s to say this early in the morning. But one thing is certain: I’ve got to play down the crown for class.

unnamed-1Flower Crown: Crowned, Jacket: Free People, Scarf: Nordstrom, Blouse: Madewell, Jeans: Carmar, Shoes: BCBGeneration, Purse: The Sak, Sunglasses: Ted Baker (similar), Bike: Linus

Starting graduate school only a few weeks ago has added a whole new level of crazy to my schedule. On school days I’m going straight through from a morning yoga, a full day of work, right on to evening classes. It’s a long day, but totally do-able when I feel good about what I’m doing it in.

Getting around efficiently is also huge. I’m taking advantage of this warm weather and getting the most out of my relaxing bike commutes. Getting to work takes me 10 minutes. Five more minutes and I’m in class. Bike baskets, however, are the critical feature here. It holds all of my school supplies, gym bag, et al. My ride would be a pain without it.

Just because I’m riding my bike around town (while wearing a flower crown mind you) doesn’t mean I like to look like I’m an Allston hipster grudgy kid. As much as I enjoy a pretending to live in lower Allston every once in a while, as a part-time student and full-time professional, I like avoid looking too sloppy. In attempt to find a balance, I strive for comfort as the non-negotiable survival tactic, and clearly sacrifice my hair. Hello, standard ballerina bun.




To start, I look for jeans that are “work passable.” Typically that means a highly tailored pair with a dark wash. I am obsessed with these black high waisted Carmar skinnys. I like to stock up on Carmars during LF Boutiques sales of epic proportions. Carmar uses ultra-soft cotton that lasts too.

To say it subtly, I’ve been crazy critical about fabrics and durability lately. I hate buying my new favorite sweater only to discover that two weeks later there are giant fuzz bunches under the arms, or snagged threads all over the place. I like to think of my clothing investments as a four year minimum relationship. Being a 20-something, that’s pretty substantial. A lot could happen in the span of four years!

Needless to say this Madewell blouse is also made from an incredibly high quality cotton. Feels like butter. Madewell did a great job making a basic white T into something more. The delicate eyelet details add texture and the funky geometric edge to this top is ideal for layering. It looks great when peaking out from a cropped jacket or pullover.

Lastly, I love getting a pop of color in. This yellow leather bag does just the trick. It’s actually a crossbody that I prefer to wear as a clutch. Having the flexibility comes in useful when I end up carrying more than intended. It also works really well to offset the brightness of the crown, balancing out the bold colors on top of a neutral pallet.

unnamedOverall the flower crown fits in the best with this outfit. I give this outfit a 7 for ease. The headband stands out so much less than with other outfits. I would stick with sharper cuts and a high contrast colors when trying to wear a flower crown every day. It’s really fun, and I feel comfortable. The crown isn’t overpowering the outfit – it’s just another element that add detail to a look. Only it’s a little more playful than most.

Are you feeling inspired to wear a flower crown? Or are you ready for the next trend? Don’t worry, it’s back to Jill for all of July! Please help her pick something patriotic.