Midweek Music: The Beyoncert

This is my first-ever Midweek Music post and I’m dedicating it all to the On The Run Tour.

There’s a reason this post is coming so late. I worked from home all day today and had a hard time concentrating due to the mass inquiries about how the On The Run Tour was last night. Overall, I’d say it met my expectations. I do have some qualms, though. For one, even though we had killer seats they were still SO far from the stage…making it hard to really see the couple. However, there were two screens at the stage that allowed you to see them steal glances at each other and grin like children. Another complaint with the screens: the speakers blocked the other screen so whichever side you were on, you could only see one screen. We would have preferred to be on the Beyonce side. I had also heard from people who sat higher up that the acoustics were really poor, which is why I am glad I sprang for the closer seats. A lot of these complaints are probably due to the arena itself, but nonetheless.


Anyway, the concert itself. FLAWLESS. I had seen Beyonce perform her “Mrs. Carter Show” last summer (nearly a year to the day) and I actually liked this so much better. I was a Jay-Z fan before I was a Beyonce fan (for the sheer reason of, he’s been around longer). I can remember illegally downloading Jigga (What’s My Name?) on Napster in the fifth grade (sorry Mom and Dad) and not knowing what half the words meant. Fun fact: one of my college nicknames was Jigga (not because of the song). I also remember when Destiny’s Child came on the scene a couple years later. I have loved this couple both separately and together for so long that I jumped at the chance to get to see them perform.

H to the Izzo.

H to the Izzo.

I’m really unhappy that my WordPress app doesn’t allow for video uploads straight from my phone. I guess go check out my Instagram. The blurred photos can’t really do the experience justice, but what are you going to do?

The setlist was amazing. Basically every classic song by either parties (or both), making it easy to sing and dance along. Starting with “03 Bonnie and Clyde” and finishing with a mashup of “Forever Young” and “Halo,” the show would only pause for costume changes – during which time part of their faux movie about them as gangsters on the run (get it?) played on the center screen.

Drunk in Love (I think?)

Drunk in Love (I think?)

Some of my personal favorite performances? On To The Next One (favorite pump up song ever), Crazy in Love, Jigga, Yonce, Partition and Hard Knock Life. The closing (and family home movies!) was also outstanding. I did love how the show began with “This is not real life…” and ended with “This is real life…” followed by videos of the happy couple playing with Blue.

Are you heading to On The Run when it hits your town? Were you with me for last night’s performance? Discuss!