A Girl’s Guide to Dressing Like Beyonce

Okay, so due to the holiday this blog is going to be all kinds of messed up for the next few days. For starters, this post was meant for Beyonce week last week, but you know, Boston fireworks had other plans and it never went out. Secondly, there’s a HIGHLY PROBABLE chance that Trend Tuesday: The Camo Edition will be delayed because the usually speedy Piperlime couldn’t get the shirt out before the holiday. It’s currently in New Jersey. So maybe this week we’ll do Thrend Thursday? The first “Th” was necessary. Anyway, hope you all had a great Fourth of July weekend and consumed copious amounts of burgers and Budweiser (or whatever your fancy).

Moving on: I think it goes without saying how much this blog loves Beyonce. We talk about her at length and follow everything she does. So much so that when I was perusing Us Weekly online, I saw that a Topshop dress Beyonce once wore was back in stock. AND ON SALE. AND IN MY SIZE. I pounced. What did I have to lose? It was only $70. Sadly, the dress has since sold out online (again), but Amy actually saw a ton of them in a Topshop in Paris so I guess if you’re there… I thought it’d be a fun little experiment. When I got the dress, it fit perfectly with one exception: the sleeves. Beyonce had chosen to tailor her sleeves to be super short. I, being a kind of small person in general, don’t have the longest arms, making the sleeves look all the more ridiculous.

This dress has actually made the rounds on the red carpet. Even January Jones was spotted wearing it (with the original sleeves).

January Jones.

January Jones.

Beyonce’s dress looks a lot more fitted to her body. It’s shorter, the sleeves are almost a cap and it doesn’t have this weird extra fabric in the center like mine did (I blame the short torso).



With that all being said, I am no Beyonce, but I definitely love this dress. Only complaint? DEAR GOD IT HAS NO BREATHING ROOM. I made the mistake of choosing to wear it on a 90+ degree day with like 150% humidity, so when I finally got to my office, I was basically a pool of sweat. This is why my hair is the exact opposite of flawless. Maybe next time I’ll go the Bey route even more and sport curls.

My take on a Beyonce outfit.

My take on a Beyonce outfit.

Shoes: Aldo. Necklace: Lulu Frost for J. Crew. Earrings: JoJo Loves You. Sunglasses: Alexander McQueen. Watch: Michael Kors.

Maybe I should have gone without the statement necklace like Beyonce, but I can’t help but add a little color wherever possible. Seeing as I stuck with black shoes, I turned to my jewelry for more color. I love how this dress cinches right at the waist and has contrasting stripes down the sides. While I’m typically wary of horizontal stripes, it just works for this dress.


Thanks for the awesome hair, humidity.

Wasn’t kidding about the hair. This is the best I could do. It was also windy during photos, making it even more of a hot mess. I’ll need to invest in some sort frizz control in the coming months, because this is not okay.

Obviously, Queen B always wins, but I thought this would be a fun excuse to channel my inner Beyonce and dress like a million bucks (for a fraction of the cost).


Who wore it better?