Calling All GI Janes: Camo’s A Thing

We’re revisiting this post because our camo shirt is currently en route. Trend Tuesday will resume later this week. Here are some camo looks to get you as excited as we are!

femme fatale

Ladies and gentlemen: Prints are happening. They’ve been happening for a while. No one batted an eye when animal print was no longer considered a tacky. We all rejoiced when geometric prints came back. Our dads and the weird guy on the bus cheered when tropical prints made a brief reappearance last summer. It should surprise no one that camo is back. And yet…I feel like it’s not as widely embraced.

In my hunt for overalls, I couldn’t help but notice the amount of camo in the store. I, for one, am LOVING it. Not in, like, an I-want-to-wear-it-head-to-toe-and-also-take-up-hunting kind of way, but in an I-enjoy-this-tasteful-and-subtle-addition-of-camo-to-my-otherwise-neutral-outfit way. There’s a difference, trust.

Similarly to when I was blogging about overalls, I definitely think this is a fashion trend that women will flock to by the masses while guys remain unconvinced. “Trying to blend in there?” Jon scoffed at my newly-purchased camo…

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