Trend Tuesday: A Day Late

A buck short, I’m writing the report….sorry, do you not start your titles with Blink 182 lyrics? I guess neither do I, but it worked in this instance. Three cheers because my camo shirt came in last night! Now we can officially declare July the month of camouflage. It’s also the month of Amy and I’s birthdays, so it’s essentially the most important month of the year. Look it up, I’m sure that designation is on Wikipedia.

Anyway, I was SO EXCITED when you all chose camo to be the trend of the month. I was totally expecting Birkenstocks because, well, some of my friends have it out for me. But instead the popular vote was for the piece I was most looking forward to. Jon said his motive for voting camo was because I gave him a shout-out for always making fun of me. I assume it’s also because I have a new camo piece, which provides him with even more mocking material.

The Fourth of July weekend had other plans for me, which is unfortunately why we’re posting today, but if anything – I think it’s worth the wait. Because I had such a time crunch, the first logical place to try this shirt out was work. Little did I realize that the cotton fabric (which is super soft and comfy) would be such a heavy material, making for commuting to work in 90-degree heat a real treat. I am happy to report that I’m quite comfortable while sitting in my chilly office, though.


Business-friendly camo.

Skirt: Urban Outfitters. Shoes: Target. Watch: Michael Kors. Necklace: LIT Boutique. Sunglasses: Alexander McQueen.

I should note that my original plan was to wear this with a tight black pencil skirt, but unfortunately my good one is still in my dry cleaning pile. Time crunch, people, time crunch. So I had to work with what I had with little time to give it a second thought. When I first ordered the shirt, I definitely thought about toning down the fact that it’s camo print by keeping the rest of my outfit black and basic. Save the pattern mixing for a later date!



The heels are actually one of the 14 (seriously) pairs of shoes I keep under my desk at work. I had completely forgotten I had these, given that I own four pairs of black pumps. Since it’s summer, you’ll probably see the shirt paired with a lot of sandals going forward, but closed-toed shoes are pretty commonplace in the office.



Overall, I love the loose fit of this shirt. It makes it ideal to tuck into whatever you’re wearing effortlessly, but it also falls perfectly for when you want a more casual look. I always get nervous when I buy something that doesn’t allow for returns, but this fit is perfect. I’d also like to note that I just went to link back to the shirt and now it’s sold out. Glad I scooped it when I did!

Well, the wait is over. Tell me: would you ever wear camo to work?